Chess Puzzles ft. Sagar Shah, Biswa, Sapan and Gang


  1. 3 weeks back sagar came to samay's stream first time to teach them puzzles and today samay won a match against him🤪🤪

  2. Okk so this is first time sagar met samay ….

  3. at 1:05:44, if queen h6 then black can play f6 and can easily survive. Please tell this to respectable Sagar shah. This puzzle doesn't end here.

  4. Even though he was so skilled Rashid Nehzhmedinov never became a Grand Master. He remained an IM

  5. Haha Samay asking who is Botez Here and now they have been on streams together.

  6. After 3 months Now i am watching this full stream. i did not know samay then but i know now so i can watch it today.

  7. At 54:00 after all that's said and done instead of queen taking rook it's a simple check and mate in 1

  8. in the second position when white takes with pawn and queen takes rook A1 then white can move bishop D1 and save the checkmate.

  9. This is just 4 months old and they already look different

  10. @youtube recommend this video to every samay raina's viewer now

  11. 1:27:27
    Sagar asks what quality one should have to become a Stand up comedian
    Vaibhav says u should get bullied and samay stops him.
    Samay says "vaibhav mat"

  12. Many many happy returns of the day Samay Bhaiya…❤

  13. Rewatching this stream, Kya bigad diya yarr Sagar Shah ko😂, itna innocent the.

  14. From Sada Dosa Sagar Shah to Pasina Break Dance, what a transformation!

  15. When samay leaves streaming, I'll still keep watching these videos❤️

  16. Samay: sagar ji
    7 months later
    Samay : releases disstrack against sagar shah

  17. bro second puzzle is absolutely wrong as if u kill the rook with the pawn and the queen captures the rook at A1 then the other rook can be pulled back to defend the check

  18. He asked abt stNdup in this video and he did stand up today what a great guy sagar shah.💜🖤

  19. For some reason vaibhav sethia ki shakal dekh ke hi mereko bahut gussa ata hai

  20. Watching this after 11 months feeling bad as think that I have missed so much great content but atleast i am watching it now .just want to say thank you to samay raina

  21. Here after Samay's win in COB all stars

  22. oh!! so this legend was born here… gr8

  23. from this to winning cob all stars.. samay is the living epitome of improvement

  24. 45:51 Vaibhav ne fail kr diya ye move to jisko Sagar best move bta raha tha. White k paas chance hai.

  25. The time when Samay didn't know Alexandra Botez 😌😂

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