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  1. Can somebody give me the math on how long i can play thousands of puzzels with free maybe 50 years?

  2. Seeing you miss a 1650 rated puzzle makes me not feel so bad about my tactics rating haha

  3. sucks for puzzles since you have to pay to play alot are there any good alternatives?

  4. I actually love the drawn puzzles. It's sad that on Lichess they don't do these puzzles (maybe not at my rating anyway idk, my puzzle rating is like 2.1k on Lichess). I don't think I've ever ended a game using a perpetual yet could save me some points x.x

  5. This is the best video of its kind, i would love to see another one explaining the puzzles 😀

  6. “This pawns in puberty”
    Me: not again never again

  7. if i was going to lose a piece anyway i would 100% under promote

  8. Slab.., însă compensezi prin “ restul “ 😁

  9. at 07:32 the reason it promotes to a bishop is because the algorithm loses 3 points by losing a bishop vs losing 9 points by losing a queen. So it thinks it was a better move. It didn't promote to a knight, because a knight doesn't come with check, therefore delaying blacks pawn promotion longer.

  10. Thank you for this video. Very helpful and informative. More of this kind of content please. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  11. Wow, Wonder Woman plays chess….awesome!!!

  12. 5:31 it is called Zugzwang, that is german, cause they created not another word for it..Wikipedia(german version)on Zugzwang >> The German chess player Max Lange is named as the author of the technical word. The earliest known use was in an article in the Berlin chess newspaper in 1858. The word was adopted as Germanism in many languages, including English and Russian. The Oxford English Dictionary cites a reference from the Lasker’s Chess Magazine (February 1905, p. 166) published by the then chess world champion Emanuel Lasker.Interessting is, the exemple you show there is also shown in wikipedia topic Zugzwang(german version)..they describe it as >> In the diagram position, both players are again forced to move. Both kings attacked the opposing pawn and defend their own pawn at the same time. If it is your turn, you have to give up the protection of your own pawn, lose it and with it the game.This motif is (especially in the English-speaking world) called Trébuchet.

  13. I need a lot of lessons again, My knowledge has gone so badly I am on a novice level! I used to be a 1600 – 1800 rated player!

  14. Can't you do bishop b4 after taking knight with rook to threat the queen out of the way and go for checkmate? 12:55

  15. I think I'm gonna like your Romanian coach, it seems like he was part-time hitman while being a chess coach.

  16. Doing chess puzzles improves pattern recognition. It also helps you to hang your queen and lose 90% of your games.

  17. Goddess Dam!!! Queen Alexandra Botez is on that Grand Master status (@_____@)

  18. If you've figured this out you should, on paper, be the most logical Gf ever

  19. Good explanations yar! Hey, if possible can u explain some gambits as well?

  20. Clicked on this by chance, subbed 🙂 i appreciate the thinking insight, i always get the right idea but can never think it though to the end, or second guess myself when my first guess was the option.

  21. 7:32 Promoting to B is a natural consequence of the algorithm. You see, in =Q line, it sees you gaining 9 points by capturing, and in the =B line, it sees you gaining only 3. So it chooses the line where, all else being equal, you'll gain less points. The key point is all else being equal – that's the only reason it decided on a B instead of a N, because N wouldn't give you a check (and checks are favored for the reason you're already explained, less calculation in those lines usually). Of course, you can call it 'trolling', but I think you might want to know the reason why it does that. 😉

    10:54 Q might not take, it might go Qf1. But the same trap works on another level: Ra6, then Qxa6 is forced, and Rh6+ does the trick.

  22. who clicks in cuz alexandra too beautiful^^

  23. i think u r most beautiful girl i have ever seen


  25. thank you very much i also planing do this content you can subscribe!

  26. Simple tactics aren't what makes a National Master. Its having a grasp positionally and not blundering.

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