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  1. Alexandra have you been spending a lot of time with Charlie Lately? Sounds like you've picked up his sense of humor 😂😂 Charlie aka MoistCritical

  2. at 24.41 she makes an illegal move i swear but i'm pretty new to chess

  3. I think Andrea botez isveven better than that foreign broad with the leather books.

  4. i couldn't focus on the game…

    she should not do facecam XD

  5. You make learning fun, what a relief! I often find chess stressful lol tyvm 🙂

  6. 15:55 Black starts the puzzle a minor piece down, and ends it winning a pawn! So how is this successful for white? Is it the only way to prevent white from losing a minor piece maybe? Just seems an odd puzzle when you win by losing…

  7. Haven’t played chess in so long she solved the puzzle before I knew if it was black or white’s move😂😂😂

  8. "computer's such a troll, who promotes to a bishop?"
    visited for the first time and subbed.

  9. The subtitles spoiled the video. One, who knows chess, may understand everything even he doesn't know English.

  10. Huge like for puzzles where you get like… nothing. I understand that there might be some improvements in position, but sometimes I really hate puzzles with no definite target like – mate/escape from mate, gain solid material. But 'perpetual check', 'vulnerable knight' – is kind of nasty.

  11. at 24:44 can someone explain to me how that is mate? surely Black King can move to F8, or is there something I'm just really oblivious to? White Knight at G5 is protecting F7 and White Queen is securing E7/E8 and also F7, but what is preventing the Black King from moving to square F8? Or even Black Queen taking White Knight on G5 on it's next move once Black King has claimed F8 out of check? I'm not really that well versed in chess, I'm very much a beginner, the reason I ask is because I want to learn.

  12. There are so many scam gems and coins generators, I cannot understand how people fall for these tricks. The only website that is working is GameCrook, tried it myself.

  13. Would be nice if you gave at least 20 “30 seconds before you blab the answer or show it with arrows.I have no chance

  14. 11:11 "I'm not Andrea you guys. This is Alexandra. Stop confusing me for the younger gremlin." 😀 More like "the younger princess". You are both very beautiful.

  15. It’s crazy how you can see what to do so quickly. I wonder how long does it take to get to that level

  16. “But its not that tricky”
    Me who spent 10 minutes trying to solve it and was super proud 👁👄👁

  17. This is very useful content. So appreciated!

  18. Love this sort of Chess Puzzles, they are so easy to solve that I suddenly feel clever.

  19. man u are so good at this! I can barely follow sometimes. 🙂

  20. I appreciated your singing, and the chess tricks

  21. 17:41 this puzzle has some interesting ideas. "First D1 – then it has to go here, then we check and then we mate."

  22. Is it worth it buying chess diamond for the lessons? I’m a beginner who played for fun and didn’t really attempt to get better until recently. Would the lessons help me improve or is there a better way?

  23. The silly toenail beverly bake because payment allegedly water sans a lonely recess. animated, poor balloon

  24. Can somebody help me with this chess problem??
    Seven figures join the white queen, who waits, facing the board.
    The black queen, the black rook, and the white pawn stand on one side of the board.
    The white bishop, the white rook, and the black bishop stand opposite.
    The black rook stands to the immediate right of the white king and directly across from the white bishop.
    The white pawn stands directly across from the white rook and to the white queen's immediate left.
    The black queen, white pawn, white king, and black rook leave the board first, each one following the other..

    The answer is a 4 letter word.
    There is this drawing too with a black rectangle with the white queen been on left side of rectangle and with 3 lines across the top of rectangle. First line has letter A on top then second line has the C on top and then the third line has the E on top..
    Then, on bottom of rectangle there are another 3 lines across the bottom of rectangle. One line has letter B, second line letter D and third line letter F. and on opposite side of rectangle across from white queen is another line with letter G on it . I think I gotta use this as a clue to unscramble the 4 letter word.

    I used my chess board to tried to unscramble it by placing chess pieces just like the instructions said but iam confused about the drawing and the last part of the clues

  25. this are not real answers and not check mate

  26. why are you teaching the wrong answers

  27. Okay.. Someone needs to explain to me what happened at 24:41.. i've never known that's a thing. Love this video and your walking me through the thought process, but what!?
    What is that??

  28. 2:22 Kg7 and Kh8 so white can't promote and take your promoted queen from pinning you in check.

  29. There were many puzzles where I'd pause it and go through 3-4 scenarios before finding the right one. Then I'd unpause it and Alex would pick that right scenario immediately.

  30. Such a weird nostalgic feeling from background music. Like you're in some kind of dream so sweet yet so terrifying

  31. Alex is so pretty, I wish I would have some girlfriend like her

  32. Hi my name is Mansoor. I like Chess but I don't know how I play chess can you tell me easiest way I play?

  33. Alexandra, what an honor just to take you to lunch (and chess would not be a conversational topic).

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