Chess Puzzles, But I Explain EVERY Move

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  1. Great video, but would love a recap of the ones you got wrong!

  2. 48.
    Or you can do the windmill tactic to completely humiliate the opponent, and then checkmate

  3. I imagine a future in which there exists a wikipedia page explaining the botez gambit. And I imagine chess teachers teaching the term to their students

  4. I appreciate these videos and your knowledge of the game. but these sudden jumps in the game is very very hard to follow.

  5. hola puede practicar tu español hace un video en español

  6. 3:11 sac the knight on g5 pawn takes u take back with the other knight then queen d8 checkmate

  7. a lot of these are pretty satisfying to watch! nice, quick lessons from the best 🥰

  8. I had a feeling she was going to get that last one wrong. That knight move just really looked like it had to lead to mate and interference tactics are rare.

  9. I'd love to see move tactics videos Alex! They are my favorite. Great Video!

  10. I don't understand how lovely Alex is in this video yet treats the chat like a red headed step child when she's tilted. Chill Alex is much better.

  11. last one, B g1, Q f2, Q f1

    you use the bishop to block the rook so the queen can be on the back line. King cant take bishop or thats mate.

  12. love how i saw it and she didnt and im a 1000 lmao

  13. 40: What if we move Pawn g5 black takes the bait and we the move a knight

  14. @BotezLive always show the sollutions on the puzzles you lost!! i cant sleep now because i am thinking how is that last puzzle ending

  15. This really helps! Thanks a lot 😀 I struggle with calculations and played a game earlier that I had a lovely pin, but missed the continuation. I find that your thought process explanations really help 🙂

  16. More videos like this please! I like the idea of explaining how you solve puzzles step by step and going through your internal thought process out loud. I feel like this could help players like me become better at spotting tactics because we get to see how a master approaches difficult puzzles that we might be tempted to give up on because the combinations are tricky or unintuitive.

  17. I admire and enjoy the botez girls work!
    But I especially love Alexandra's boxing skills!

  18. I could never resist a girl that plays poker as well as older Botez. OK, she is maybe not that good at chess but she makes up for it with good looks.

  19. I loaded that last one up into the analyzer. The starting position is a mate-in-four. That puzzle earned its rating.

  20. Nice to see you in this channel besides it is your channel 😂

  21. I'ma watch Naroditsky instead. (It's a joke)

  22. More plastic surgery please, not yet get that look like a 3rd world country escort flying to Dubai.

  23. I love solving chess puzzles. Please do more! Thank you

  24. Dear Alexandra…, "Could you please do a "video" on a ( step-by-step ) simple approach to how to "solve a chess puzzle" ?" * A lot of us…, that are still new to chess…, are having a hard time on what to do first.., to solve a chess puzzle… "Is there a ( step-by-step ) procedure on how to solve a chess puzzle ?" * Example: "What do you look for first on the chessboard ?" "What is the first question…, you should ask yourself in trying to solve a chess puzzle ?" * Excellent video and "Thank you" for sharing the video… * You and Andrea are both bright, intelligent, and attractive… " Semper Fi " Mike in Montana P.S.: I hope, wish, and pray…, that you or Andrea do a new video on "How to solve a chess puzzle." A ( step-by-step ) approach would really help a lot of new chess players'… Thank you… Mike 🙂

  25. The actual answer was bishop to g1. This is weird I was watching this vod last night even though it's 2 months old, they must be behind on getting their clips out lol.

  26. Chess is for 🐱's.

    Real men play checkers.

  27. It would be more helpful if you slowed down and talked us through the position.

  28. Does the solution to the last one start with Bg1? If so, it's ironic that this is the only one I (the chess equivalent of a stopped clock) was able to find before Ms. Botez.😺

    my birthday is March 2nd
    It's a hard time for me because both of my children passed away, lost my mother, and my little brother committed suicide. I'm currently homeless because I lost the will to live
    All I want for my birthday is for my favorite chess players (Alex and Andrea) to sing me the birthday song that will bring happiness to my dark bleak existence

  30. Yeah. They were carrying that, for reasons that benefit me. heh

  31. What more do you need to know about the North American Warlord career? Everything you could possibly need, with some sacrifices that are way….. overrated.

  32. Uhhhhh. I’ve already said that there’s no point in denying that I do that to myself on IG. Several women have witnessed it when they ordered me to do it in front of them. I do realize that this is a different platform, and am now confessing to doing it, again, though.

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