Chess Puzzle in Treasure Vault in Poidsear Coast ► Hogwarts Legacy

This is a guide on how to solve the chess puzzle in the treasure vault located in the Poidsear coast area in the Hogwarts Legacy game.

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  1. Glad to know about the transmog part but I have no idea how to play chess soon as I seen a chess board I came to youtube there was no reason to even guess i knee i wouldn't know how to do this if it was checkers then that's a different story but chess is something i got 0 experience with thanks for the guide

  2. I had the right idea but I would never have the idea to use transformation on that thing. Thanks!

  3. Huh. Mine wasn't a pot, it was a chair, and it urned into a knight, not a bishop. Still worked all the same though, thanks for the guide!

  4. I just had to use incindio to burn some vines and Accio to pull some levers to open the door i don't even have depolso or even the transformation spell for that matter, heck i don't even have my broom yet, i literally went exploring almost as soon as it let me. (literally the only spells i have are incindio, accio, livioso, expeliamus, repero, lumos, and dissilusionment)

  5. So mine is a chair that changes into a horse piece idk chess I can not figure out what square it goes on

  6. I came to this video for a reason…..I would've NEVER figured this out cause I don't know anything about chess lol but appreciate the help bro👍😁

  7. This helped me a lot! Thank you so much, I am terribly bad at chess

  8. I sneaked through the coastal cenote into the southeast part of the world much earlier than I was supposed to (even before the 2nd trial; I love to explore, for example, I unlocked all fast travel points in the north before I even had the broom :)). So I stumbled on this particular treasure vault much before I learned the Transformation spell. I quickly figured that I have to checkmate the black king, but couldn't do it whatever I tried… :))))

  9. Boi i have neeeever played chess before so i dont know the rules or how to solve it 🗿

  10. Was spent an way to long on this puzzle to only get some base stupid glasses.

  11. I entered and there's not that piece to transform

  12. Guys, your piece will be random when u enter, i had it transform into a Rook

  13. I just did a different chess puzzle and the king placement that worked was bishop checking king from adjacent square, while unpinned… So not really a true checkmate.

  14. Thanks great video, didn't know I had to use transformation I thought it was a just a fat pawn.

  15. OMG! Thanks… I broke my head here and had to research how to solve this, thanks!

  16. I’m playing on ps5. Instead of a pot, I have a chair and it turned into a knight.

  17. As an American I would have never been able to solve this one

  18. I've found the cave, came across this video but I also have the problem that there is no object to transform on the chess board.
    Edit: Restarting the game helped. The object spawned next to the coffin.
    Edit²: I didnt get a bishop, I got a Rook. So this cave seems to be very random.

  19. Wasn't the king already in a checkmate position?? Assuming the piece in front of him was a queen.

  20. That's a bishop? I thought the knights were KNIGHTS but no… the knights are kings. Weird

  21. Knowing to use Transform helped, but my puzzle was a bit different. Got it with some experimentation, although logic would have probably worked if I tried to work out all the chess moves.

  22. False, it's the white spot close to the King one tile towards the chest from the grey tile. Maybe they patched it, IDK.

  23. Idk how to play chess so this is a nightmare lol

  24. This is closest we’ll come to having an actual Wizard chess feature.

  25. i dont get a pot, i get a chair send help

    Edit: i know NOTHING about chess

    Edit 2: figured it out by sheer luck

  26. It's randomized, I had a Knight piece for mine.

  27. So the first time I came to this location it was a vase, so not knowing what to do I thought of just breaking it with depulso but the vase was launched into oblivion and was lost, I restarted from an earlier save and when I came back it was a chair so it’s just random has nothing to do with console because I play on Xbox

  28. I don’t have a white pot in the room?

  29. Im in the same cave and have a pot turning into a knight. I believe it’s different for some people.

  30. Mine was a little different… my cauldron turned intro a rook, so I had put place it in the last row.

  31. Mine is different. I have a Bishop piece that moves diagonally. I can't control the other pieces except for my Bishop.

    Figured it out. I had to use transformation on it to transform it to a different piece then put it on the board accordingly to kill the king. Who would have thought the original piece would not work. These Devs and their weird mind games.

  32. Did all this for common grey quidditch gloves

  33. It´s not puzzle, it´s stupid. In chess game is not possible kick one figure with another.

  34. Can you solve this puzzle without transformation spell?

  35. I love how they have really cool puzzles followed by really lame loot 😂

  36. My chess pieces are different. 20 minutes in and I still can't figure out where to place the damn piece at

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