Chess Puzzle: Difficult For Humans, Impossible For Computers

This great endgame study (1933) was composed by 3 renowned chess composers; A. Kazancev, M. Liburkin, L. Staroverov and the task is to win with the white pieces! I have to tell you that the puzzle is very complex and even chess engines fail to solve because they unable to understand chess fortresses and that’s why their evaluation goes wrong!
A. Kazancev, M. Liburkin and L. Staroverov
White to win
This position in Forsyth-Edwards Notation (FEN) is : 8/8/8/1P1K3b/6p1/5pP1/5P1B/7k w – – 0 0
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  1. Stockfish 10 finds 3.Kc5 after analyzing 11,237,309k positions using a 2GB hash table (~34 minutes on a 2.3Ghz dual-care i5), after this 4.b7, and 5.b8R are found within a few seconds.

  2. Can it be stalemate by kf1? Making pawn not to move? if he plays g2 black plays kg1

  3. Amazing! First time see that promoting the rook is way to win

  4. I just dont get it. Why at the beggining you cant take white bishop by king?

  5. I have found an interesting way to finish game. Ke5, bg6(forced), kf4!! Now say black captures bishop on h2 then king captures on g4 creating way for the pawn! Black kg2 and white moves pawn to b6. Be4(forced) and then ke3 protecting the pawn on f2 and not allowing promotion by black. Then irrespective of Black's move, white begins marching his pawn on G3!! Light squares bishop can't resist two promotions and white is getting one Queen plus Black's fortress is blown! Let me know what y'all think of this. Cheers.

  6. King can't take g4 he would put himself in check

  7. At 1:53 what if you instead promoted to a knight? If the king tries to make a fortress, maybe it's possible to deny more squares with the knight and force a zugzwang and take the bishop/pawns

  8. Immediate dislike because of the clickbaity nonsense title.

  9. This is a nice endgame, but what if king takes H2 instead of protecting the bishop on F1, aiming to move king to G2 on next move, and then targeting white pawns? Also, if instead of rook takes F1, white plays rook to B4, aiming the base of the pawn structure, black will simply play bishop H3, leading to that old theme of the fortress, and both F2 and G3 pawns are gonna be very vulnerable to black's king. So, what does white have to do to win in this case?

  10. Thn also king can't be capture in 16 move

  11. Just tested this with the latest Stockfish 11 64 bit and it solved it correctly within a few seconds. Pretty impressive progress..

  12. Sharp. Very sharp ! I am not that sharp. lol

  13. Very interesting. It opens eyes how we should not trust those chess engines.

  14. Stupid fucking wasted my time. The best move for black is bc6 not bb5 leading to mate in 19 winning for black check again😡😡😡

  15. this is wrong. i think u don't know how to play chess

  16. I checked it out with stockfish but it played the right moves

  17. at 5:43, still you can make this game draw. by moving black king to f1 if white moving pawn to g2 then go back black again to g1.

  18. At 1:43, why not promote to a rook there? It seems to be winning. If so, move 2. b7 is correct.

  19. when promoting pawn b6=rook if i played bishop a6 then ?

  20. anyone ans me after rook promotion nxt move Bishop a6

  21. 2 minutes 1 second … what if white plays Qb1 pinning bishop to king?

  22. 2 minutes 1 second, what if white plays Qb1 pinning bishop to king?

  23. why would you promote to rook when you can promote to queen anyways?

  24. Good Job analisis
    chess Problem Brother 👍

  25. i think ur solution it still a the end black king move..and it move to f8 and its a draw i gues

  26. hahaha oh i get it its the other way hahaha..sorry my mistake hahaha

  27. 7:17 how , black will capture on f2 and then on g3 , he has counter play

  28. What if after b6 black plays kg2, b7, then black captures on f2 and after white promotes kg2 getting ready to promote. How to stop black pawn from promotion?

  29. Now this video is outdated (but still very good). Stockfish 15 found a proper solution of this chess puzzle, now Stockfish 15 can detect a fortresses and evaluate them as a draw. Also Stockfish 15 could find a solution in some of chinese wall puzzles, which earlier chess engines could not find. But still chess engines has a flaws, they could not solve some of grotesque chess puzzles.

  30. This is a great puzzle, and what you said about computers not being able to solve this one was certainly true when you made this video.

    The latest development version of Srockfish can solve this problem as well as Stockfish 15 as someone else mentioned earlier.

    Stockfish development version dated jul 31, 2022 takes 9 minutes and 48 secomds to announce a mate in 40 and it lowers it to a mate in 34 at the 12 minute 35 second mark.

    83/70 12:35 29,938,598k 39,627k +M34 1.b5-b6 Bh5-e8 2.Kd5-c5 Be8-g6 3.Kc5-d4 Bg6-e8 4.b6-b7 Be8-b5 5.b7-b8R Bb5-f1 6.Rb8-b1 Kh1-g2 7.Kd4-e3 Bf1-c4 8.Rb1-b4 Bc4-e6 9.Rb4-b6 Be6-c8 10.Rb6-h6 Kg2-f1 11.Rh6-h4 Bc8-e6 12.Ke3-f4 Kf1xf2 13.Rh4xg4 Be6-d5 14.Rg4-g5 Bd5-c4 15.g3-g4 Kf2-g2 16.Bh2-g3 f3-f2 17.Bg3xf2 Kg2xf2 18.Rg5-c5 Bc4-b3 19.g4-g5 Bb3-f7 20.Rc5-c2+ Kf2-f1 21.Kf4-e3 Kf1-g1 22.Rc2-f2 Bf7-h5 23.Rf2-f8 Bh5-g6 24.Rf8-f6 Bg6-c2 25.g5-g6 Bc2-b3 26.Rf6-f2 Bb3-d5 27.g6-g7 Bd5-b3 28.Rf2-f8 Kg1-h2 29.g7-g8Q Bb3xg8 30.Rf8xg8 Kh2-h3 31.Ke3-f4 Kh3-h2 32.Kf4-f3 Kh2-h1 33.Kf3-f2 Kh1-h2 34.Rg8-h8+

  31. I couldn’t even get so far as to see Black had the possibility of a fortress for a defense! 🙃

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