Chess Puzzle Battle World Championship – Quarterfinals

The 2022 Puzzle Battle World Championship is a competition for top puzzle experts to compete in a series of puzzle challenges for the title of best puzzle-solver in the world.

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  1. So sad Xiong had to fight Robson in the quarterfinals, he most likely would have won against every other player in the tournament.

  2. Can’t believe Jeffery Xiong averaged almost 49 and still lost. Ray is absolutely unstoppable

  3. Pro tip: watch with the volume off to save IQ points

  4. Why are scores replaced with averages this year? It makes no sense to me, since what people really want to see is how far they really are. Even Rensch losses the track of the scores after a couple of rounds, and having to ask the chat for the actual score is kind of embarrassing. And the solution is as simple as adding one column at the end.
    Hope you fix this for the next rounds. Besides that I'm really enjoying it!

  5. 2:31:30 Danya mouse-sliped
    2:31:36 Hikaru mouse-sliped in the exact same puzzle on the exact same square
    Very weird

  6. how about quick brain train? try to solve katamino puzzle, if you couldn't do one level, come to my channel 🤓

  7. Can someone actually get this good? I can't even see the whole board before they solve the puzzles

  8. It would probably be easier to use the total score instead of the average score. Taking the average would matter if they play a different number of games. However, they are both playing the same number of games so dividing by the number of games doesn't affect the outcome. Just thought I would say that because it might make it easier for the commentators to follow along

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