Chess Puzzle Battle World Championship – FINAL

The 2022 Puzzle Battle World Championship is a competition for top puzzle experts to compete in a series of puzzle challenges for the title of best puzzle-solver in the world.

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  1. pointless to watch…just too fast for us mortals.skip.

  2. I think the reason Ray is slower than most early and absolutely ungodly fast as soon as it hits the 40s is because he probably memorized most of the high rated Puzzles or at the very least knows them. It's a bit dumb I have to say. Ray is probably by far not the best at solving tactics. Just memorized the most Puzzles.

  3. Watch round 7 puzzle n°12… why GM Ladopous get the point ??? Can someone explain me please

  4. We all were saying it – Jeffery Xiong vs Ray Robson was the real final. Big congrats to Xiong and even bigger congrats to Ray Robson who truly established himself, yet again, as the puzzle expert!

  5. God damn it james Canty again bring someone else he talks about Everything but chess . Makes this unwatchable

  6. Good stuff, thanks team for the effort and production.

  7. watch this at .25 speed and womens long jump and pole vaulting at .75… youre welcome

  8. 2:12:19 I am assured from credible sources that Yoo did not in fact mouse slip on #17.

  9. Hey can anybody tell me how they play so fast with mouse

  10. Κωνσταντίνος Σπυρόπουλος says:

    2k puzzles in 3 days .In the groups he played only one day (the other day was the other groups), second day was quarter-final and last last semi-final and final

  11. Probably the worst advertised event there is. People really want to watch this, but always find out after it has happened. Advertise it guys!!!

  12. That moment when you realize that Ray doesn't need solve any puzzles in the last battle to move on to the final…

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