Chess Puzzle 341

Watch this video to learn chess notation:

Find the best moves for the chess puzzle.
Solving chess puzzles is an excellent way for learning chess and get familiar with advanced chess positions and improve your chess tricks, chess tactics and chess strategies.
These puzzles were selected from advanced chess positions played by grand masters and chess masters and included lots of checkmate moves and chess traps.
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  1. Fuck that you're making me work next time throw a pie

  2. Tough one. All I could find is
    Rf7+ Kxf7 Qd7+ Kf8 Qg7+ Ke8 Qxh8+ Kd7 Qxa8

  3. 1.Rf7 check Kxf7 2.Qd7 check.
    If 2… Kg8 then 3.Qg7 is checkmate.
    2…. Kf8 3.Qg7 check Ke8 4.f7 check Ke7/d7 5.f8Q check.

  4. 4…Ke7 is not a legal move due to the bishop on g5.

  5. please explain why does the king not move to G8 after white offers him the rook

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