Chess Puzzle 319

Watch this video to learn chess notation:

Find the best moves for the chess puzzle.
Solving chess puzzles is an excellent way for learning chess and get familiar with advanced chess positions and improve your chess tricks, chess tactics and chess strategies.
These puzzles were selected from advanced chess positions played by grand masters and chess masters and included lots of checkmate moves and chess traps.
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  1. That was useles was it not..
    I mean after both moves white's horse will kill black's rook

  2. ? What explanation why not take pawn with knight than take knight than take rook…

  3. You loose your 2 rooks for a Bishop and a rook that certainly not the best move

  4. White Knight takes rook then knight d5 check? King moves g6 or f8, then knight takes f6. I think there's a few other iterations

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