Chess Puzzle 286

Watch this video to learn chess notation:

Find the best moves for the chess puzzle.
Solving chess puzzles is an excellent way for learning chess and get familiar with advanced chess positions and improve your chess tricks, chess tactics and chess strategies.
These puzzles were selected from advanced chess positions played by grand masters and chess masters and included lots of checkmate moves and chess traps.
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  1. Black could go offensive immediately before you get a chance to move rook Ne2+, I think that’s a better defense and possibly develop a better position or bait queen or find better trades. Only a novice would allow an EZ mate after queen-rook trade. Better player would just check instead of taking queen. She can go anytime. Better to pressure advantage.

  2. couldn't the bishop to capture on c5?

  3. Bishop C5 and took the pawn it's bishoop sacifie

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