Chess Puzzle #21: The French Puzzle

Try to solve this funny chess puzzle with a mate in one!

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  1. Without en passant is imposiible to mate bc pawn push

  2. bruh you litterally cant even see what move black did before

  3. Technically you can just move the pawn up and then queen block is forced and then capturing the queen with Bxd5#

  4. This is why I en passant every time i see it

  5. When i saw the thumbnail Iimmediately knew it was enpasant

  6. It’s only en passant if black moved the pawn from c7 to c5, with no information about black’s previous move, the puzzle is mate in 2.

  7. yeah en passant, but this guy doesn't show us the last black's move

  8. if d6, black doesn't block with the queen, instead plays c4 and there is no checkmate

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