Chess Puzzle 2 Part 3 🧐 #shorts #gaming #chess


  1. After rook takes f3 can't you take the pawn for a faster draw?

  2. did i just saw an another video of this but the rook didnt take??

  3. And now instead of moving the king, we take free material he blundered

  4. I love John jones ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Dude you act like those are gunius moves but a noob would do that everyone would do that no offense but you try to hard

  6. Mom I want levy
    Mom: we have levy at home
    The levy at home:

  7. Why u do these vids in 3 parts just do it in one

  8. He acts as though taking blundered material is a rare and hard move to find

  9. Me: I want Gothamchess
    Mum: we have Gothamchess at home
    Gothamchess at home…

  10. Mom, I want ChessVibes
    Mom: We have ChessVibes at home
    ChessVibes at home:

  11. OK a question from first part what if he makes a rook

  12. that’s not a draw by white, that’s a win

  13. bro literally thinks he's the reincarnation of levy☠️

  14. Can somebody give this man a medal

    Such a hard move to find

  15. Here's an idea: just take both pawns, and you'll eventually get a fork or skewer

  16. Levy got cursed with the most unbearable fanbase 💀

  17. Why does this person sound awfully similar to someone else that plays chess

  18. Why would he move the bishop here anyway if it wasn't to trade it

  19. As a 600 elo in rapid player, this was so obvious anyone that knows how the pieces move across the board should get it easily

  20. "cheap gothamchess doesnt exist he cant hurt you"u
    Cheap gothamchess:

  21. he may be acting like gotham chess but atleast hes givin tips for chess to

  22. The comments are pretty funny but let’s just appreciate that this guy is posting pretty high quality content, he is really enthusiastic which makes it entertaining, and we all start somewhere.

  23. him: how to draw for white?
    me: offers draw

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