Chess Puzzle 164

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Find the best moves for the chess puzzle.
Solving chess puzzles is an excellent way for learning chess and get familiar with advanced chess positions and improve your chess tricks, chess tactics and chess strategies.
These puzzles were selected from advanced chess positions played by grand masters and chess masters and included lots of checkmate moves and chess traps.
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  1. Waktu Nf3 tapi kan bisa ga dimakan, tinggal Kn8?

  2. After knight to f6 black only has two moves. If takes the knight with the pawn, you take his pawn with the g pawn, delivering a check. If the king moves to h8, Qa8 is a checkmate. If king moves to f8, Qa8 is still a mate. Now if he moves the king after knight to f6, he can go to h8, in that case you have Qa8 mate again, or he can go Kf8. If he does do Kf8, you go Qa8, forcing either a useless queen sacrifice or Ke7. After Ke7, Qe8 is a checkmate. So this is a 100% won position for white.

  3. If king doesn't take the knight then it's still a checkmate

  4. Knight f6 if pawn takes knight on f6 then white takes f6 check black only move are f8 and h8 both will get checkmated by queen in a8

    If pawn didnt take knight on f6 and the king moved f8 is the best move for king but after queen a8 check king e7 is the only move after that its a checkmate in e8

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