Chess Puzzle 161

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Find the best moves for the chess puzzle.
Solving chess puzzles is an excellent way for learning chess and get familiar with advanced chess positions and improve your chess tricks, chess tactics and chess strategies.
These puzzles were selected from advanced chess positions played by grand masters and chess masters and included lots of checkmate moves and chess traps.
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  1. I can see one obvious move here queen takes bishop

  2. fxg6. If Rxf6, fxh7 will win the game.

  3. Pawn takes g6 followed by queen trade seems logical

  4. If the black pawn eats the white bishop, like in the video. Then the W Queen should eat the black bishop. Black has to King eats Queen and then W Rook eats black Queen. White would be in a better position imo then.

  5. The line I found,
    Black plays first
    1… fxg6
    If 2. rxf6, gxh5 wins the game
    And if 1… fxg6 2. qxh6+, kxh6 (forced) 3. rxf6, gxf6 and black is up a rook and is in a winning endgame

  6. It would still be a tough game cuz white would be able capture a pawn, pin down the pawn beside the black rook and threaten the pawn in the middle.

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