Chess Grandmasters Solve Insanely Hard Puzzles At MIND-BLOWING Speed

The Grandmasters are back and ready to solve some more INCREDIBLE DIFFICULT Chess puzzles from our team at! How quickly can Levon Aronian, Fabiano Caruana, and Le Quang Liem solve these puzzles?

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  1. On the 5th puzzle why not just knight takes pawn draw by insufficient material

  2. I would love to see how MVL would have done

  3. These guys are ridiculously good!

  4. I need more videos like these! That was a blast to watch.

  5. Levon is that dad who always win in a certain thing and laugh exactly like him.

  6. Hmm I don’t think this was Fabi at his best, he seems depressed for whatever reason. Test him again when he’s in a better mood!

  7. I paused the video for each, finally got the last one right and Fabi asks if it's even a puzzle 💀💀💀

  8. 11:20
    Can someone explain why e1=Q also lead to stalemate?
    I tought that win for black since white still has several legal moves?

  9. Lev has a wealth of chess knowledge. His Armenian GM colleagues always speak highly of him

  10. Why can't you simply take the pawn on 5th one?

  11. fabiano actually saying "whats the puzzle" at the last one caught me off guard

  12. What if in the second puzzle black doesn't take the queen but plays 2…b2+. I think Qxb2+ Rxb2 Rxb2 a3 and how does white prevent promotion/stalemate from there?

  13. my god, levon. What a beast. What a lyonbeast 😂

  14. Aronian enjoying the puzzle 😁
    Caruana struggling the puzzel 😵
    Wait who's the 2 eye guy hhh.

  15. Grandmaster Aronian seems like a pretty chill dude

  16. 9:49 I'm only 1600 but I thought that you can't mate with 2 knights (you need 3) so Nxe2 is a draw

  17. On puzzle 5, why was it promoting to a knight? Queen would've made more sense and would've won

  18. Only when you start chess as a young child you can calculate with such fluency

  19. Are the St. Louis Chess Club jacket that Levon was sporting for public sale? I didn’t see it on there website… it looks very nice

  20. This should be the Armageddon in classical chess

  21. 6:40 apparently, Rf3 Re4 draws. so maybe this was not a wrong try

  22. The strongest player to never win the world championship is often said to be Levon Aronian.

  23. I don't even know how do they beat each others. They are monsters!!!

  24. Levon is a fantastic player and a class act.

  25. On the second puzzle: Why does the black rook move to A2 just before losing?

  26. why didnt you give Hans Lehmann a go? He could have solved them all before he looked at them.

  27. Levon is the kind of guy you love to love

  28. 2. puzzle what if black plays pawn b2 check instead of taking the queen

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