Chess Grandmasters Solve Insane Puzzles In 10 Seconds!

We tested the world’s best chess grandmasters to see how quickly they could solve some tricky puzzle positions! With just 10 seconds on the clock, here’s how Hikaru Nakamura, Anish Giri, Jan-Krzysztof Duda and more got on…

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  1. As a borderline expert player it boggles my mind how effortlessly these GMs can complete this. No way I could memorize this position in 10 seconds let alone solve it

  2. The thumbnail looks like Hikaru is looking at stockfish while the others are just doing it mentallyπŸ˜‚

  3. My favorite in this competition is Wesley because I can relate.

  4. the knight move for the first puzzle still works though

  5. Dont worry wesley I got totally distracted too …. what was this video about again … aside from nemo?

  6. If there's one thing Hikaru should care about is his teeth condition, cuz got dayum!

  7. I got all of them but I'm garbage at chess. With most of those puzzles it's always the least obvious thing – so I just look at how I can sacrifice things. Once you do that, they are easy. Like I said though, I'm pretty useless at chess so it just goes to show that solving these types of puzzles doesn't really mean anything.

  8. It takes me 10 seconds just to figure out which side I'm supposed to play

  9. yo for the second puzzle whats the difference between queen f3 and queen g3, couldnt figure it out

  10. Wesley on the second one, gives 3 wrong moves, gets told its a queen move after eliminating one of them and they give him credit for getting it right…

  11. Were those puzzles recently created using a program?

  12. Duda emg Duren, Duda Keren hehe

  13. How can u don't like Wesley so? He is so cute

  14. What if king takes the pawn on the first puzzle? It avoids the checkmate and puts white in a winning position.

  15. I mean this with respect but you can actually see the older generation starting to deteriorate as the new generation kicks in.
    Slightly sad but what can you do… such is life.
    I do have to say I'm slightly surprised how badly Wesley did. I think he just had a day off.

  16. No surprise that the Draw King couldn’t find the win in the first puzzle

  17. Make this a regular content! It's always good when GMs try to solve these

  18. That second puzzle was weird. I instantly saw Ra3 bxa3, Bd2 Rxg2, b3#

  19. can someone explain to me why just qg2+ doesnt work

  20. Anish had to checkmate and not draw the position…
    Most difficult if you ask me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  21. 2nd puzzle proves that human are risk adverse to sacrificing queen for 3+ moves to mate

  22. but who's the bottom right one? the red haired with glasses

  23. Where's Han's interview? "The Chess speaks for itself" solution.

  24. unfortunately she bought her titel/final norm in hungary

  25. someone know who's the guy in the bottom right, i've never seen him ?

  26. You can see that the type of tactical player like Duda can solve this more easily

  27. interviewer should be removed as she is a total scammer !!

  28. These guys need dating advice. Confidence development. I think there's a business model there, or a pro-bono gentleman's service

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