Chess Grandmasters Solve Insane Puzzles In 10 Seconds!

We tested the world’s best chess grandmasters to see how quickly they could solve some tricky puzzle positions! With just 10 seconds on the clock, here’s how Hikaru Nakamura, Anish Giri, Jan-Krzysztof Duda and more got on…

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  1. Why not rxa3 in puzzle 2
    Pls someone explain

  2. Boring cause there is no Hans Moke Niemann

  3. Im a beginner at chess problaly a 700 elo, but Im proud to say that I got the puzzle 2 right 🔥 Im happy

  4. So got better with each puzzle, so I guess he really did need to warm up

  5. Man, these GMs feel like they're playing a different game from a 1300 like me lmao.

  6. Anish is the type who would offer a draw to a puzzle💀

  7. Body language experts are gona love this! This goes to show gms are humans after all.

  8. can anyone tell me why rook a3 ist nt a checkmate cus he has to take with pwan then you push pawn he has to mkove king to b4 or a5 and then bishop d2 checkmate right?

  9. would be nice if they could have an interviewer that actually knows chess theory,
    instead of some influencer.

  10. Who's the guy in the lower right box? At first I was like, "Damn, MVL really let himself go."

  11. ❤ Who’s that cutie❤

    In the top right corner?

  12. in the end wesly so was pulling out a gun just in case he his answer was incorrect😂

  13. Bro Hikaru was tryna pull that girl the whole time

  14. wesley is so cute lmao i wanna kiss his forehead and give him ice cream

  15. the second puzzle is not correct, white cannot win the game.
    Qf3, Ka5 , Bd2, b5 and Stockfish 8 wins the game

  16. The fat dude looks like the one on mindhunter tv show

  17. I used to hate Hikaru for how arrogant he could be, but now I’m just so used to it, I just think it’s funny

  18. nemsko looks absolutely stunning in this video

  19. It blows my mind that they can remember where each piece is. Even when they get it wrong they're able to analyze it and find why it's wrong. Damn

  20. Nemsko is used to having the answers given to her beforehand.

  21. hikaru: blah blah blah
    no it's incorrect

  22. Their minds like camera flash capture and remember all pieces position. Insane

  23. them getting answers while I am like: ok so we got a pawn wait why u takin away the board WAITTT

  24. This would have been a good video if the GMs names were displayed at least somewhere at least for a couple seconds appear on screen so we know who's who. YOU may know them all, well, I didn't know a couple of them

  25. Does 10 grand masters mean there are 10 grandmasters or 10,000 masters?

  26. who is the fifth guy? I only recognize Hikaru, So, Duda and Giri.

  27. Actually Kxf2 is more interesting IMO

    1… f2+ 2 Kxf2 Nxd3++!! 3. Ke2 Qxf1+ 4. Kd2 Rf2+ 5. Be2 Qxe2#

  28. The second one was only solved by duda and giri. fix the colors

  29. I don't play chess and it took me about 6 minutes to figure out which side was black and which was white.

  30. i really had alot of expectation from wesley. 😂

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