Weirdest Puzzle

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  1. if its a custom position then wtf is the significance of the missing g pawn

  2. I think Levy got it though, as far as what would have happened 👍

  3. This the kinda positions puzzles expects you to end up in on a real game lol.

  4. Bro, You literally
    predicted a completely start to the unreal game 😅❤

  5. It might be more likely that 1. g3 was the first move, followed by 1… h5 2. e3, but the fact that Levy got it so fast is uncanny. In the Lichess database, the position has occurred 7 times, but no one has found Bd3.

  6. Its ok I blundered mate in 11 when tilting and playing a hippo setup. Apparently that position happened in like 12 other lichess games, no one found the winning move

  7. This happened in the lichess database 6 times and Bd3 was never played

  8. That ending is proof that Levy is not a human but a chess engine.

  9. Thank the chess gods for the existence of this custom position and definitely never played game between 2, 100 elo players

  10. This is a line in the king's fianchetto: lasker simul special variation. Obviously.
    the moves are probably:

    1. g3 h5 2. e3 h4 3. gxh4 Rxh4 4. Nf3 Rh8 5. Ng5!? f6?? 6. Bd3!!

  11. Why should this puzzle even be allowed? It serves no practical purpose at all

  12. It was a real game, but all puzzles are a custom position

  13. This looks like the opening to a chess app I downloaded on my phone where if you did a puzzle then closed the app without going back to the menu when a normal game was already finished and then when you went back in hit resume game it would give you completely busted chess openings. No kings, black's bishops are on the 3rd rank, half of white's pawns are just missing…

  14. It might've also be something like 1. g4 Nf6 2. g5 Ng8 3. e3 h6 4. Nf3 hxg5 5. Nxg5 f6

  15. Levy, chill, i cant keep up with that many uploads

  16. Now only did he solve the puzzle, he created a new one and solved that one too.

  17. Bouta play this position in all my future matches

  18. The way that Levy just stares at the position when he first sees it like "WTF am I looking at???"

  19. Man of course its not real game, that would be below elo rating.

  20. Could the opening have been like e3, nc6, nf3, nb1, g4, h3, g5, hxg5, nxg5, f6?

  21. Which elo was this supposed to represent and why is it not 76 elo?

  22. MiértUtálodAztAkitÉnLoveSzeressémáálécigecilol says:

    want to die 😂

  23. You should do a series where you just try to figure out how a puzzle position is reached in an actual game

  24. Levy, welcome to the world of proof game problems.

  25. I'm sure I played something like this once lol

  26. ngl this position would be perfect for levy in guess the elo

  27. Me after solving am equation and then checking the answers to see that the equation had no solution.

  28. 50 elo players:OMG I know this puzzle this is so easy

  29. That one blacksmith morra alapin gambit falkbeer defence low elo variation which was played three times:

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