Chess Challenge | Solve This If YOU Can | Chess Endgame Puzzle, Tactics, Moves & Ideas

#ChessChallenge – Solve This Chess Puzzle if You Are a Genius. In this chess video, I will show you an amazing chess composition wherein your objective as white is to checkmate the black king. This involves a lot of chess thinking in terms of tactics, strategy, moves & ideas. This is a unique chess problem where White has two queens and a king whereas, black has 6 rooks, a pawn & a king on the chessboard. Eventhough black is trapped between his own chess pieces, he still has an advantage. But still White can win this game. In this endgame, you need to find the best move continuation in which white can trap black and checkmate the black king. This is a really interesting & unique puzzle and you can learn some important chess concepts out of this brilliant endgame composition. The 2 common tactics to solve this are the pin & perpetual checks. I am sharing the solution as well, but I would suggest you challenge yourself & try solving this on your own to test your chess skills. I also have another interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

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  1. Qh7+ Nxh7
    Ng6+ Kg8
    Be6# is a beautiful checkmate.

  2. knight g5 makes a family folk attacking the queen, bishop and knight so if he takes our knight with his knight then queen h7 check mate or you can end the quickly by queen to e8 check mate .

  3. Best move in the puzzle is knight h5 ,black knight takes white knight and then queen h7

  4. Answer to the puzzle:-
    ⚪Nxd5 attacking the queen and the bishop. ⚫ can't play Nxd5 because then ⚪can play Qg7# and if ⚫ plays any other move then ⚪ can play Nxf6 and Qg7# is unstoppable.
    ⚫ will have to play Kg8.
    ⚪now can play Nxb4 and ⚫ is down by a Queen.

    Expecting a ♥️

  5. Knight d5 and after scrificing knight queen to e8

  6. the answer to the chess Knight take pawn on d5 then Knight takes Knight and Queen e8 Checkmate

  7. The answer to this puzzle is kh5 because we will offer a knight exchange.If black does not except it and play moves like queen captures on d4 then we will exchange the knights.If he eats our knight then queen to h7 is a beautiful checkmate

  8. the best move continuation is the knight to e6

  9. The chess puzzle :
    Nxd5 forks he queen and knight.

    1. If he moves away his queen then we play Nxf6 and he recaptures with his bishop. Then we can play Qb7#

    2. If he recaptures on Nxd5 then again we can simply play Qb7#

    3. If he plays any other move like for example Kg8 avoiding the mate, you sinply capture the queen with your Knight and have a winning advantage

  10. Puzzle solution
    White knight to h5
    If black capture the knight with his knight then white queen to h7 checkmate
    If black does not capture the knight then any move by black it cannot stop the checkmate
    Then white queen to g7

  11. the solution for the puzzle is knight D5 as one of his two pieces are under and one of which is the queen so black is forced to capture our Knight and our queen goes to H7 and its a checkmate

  12. The best Move is knight to d5 it's hook black can save his queen.but he lost the black knight . And if black knight capture d5 knight than white Queen to h7 it's a chackmate

  13. White – Nh5 Black – Nh5 , White – Qh7 ( Checkmate )

  14. White: knight d5
    Black : knight d5
    White: queen h7
    And that is check mate

  15. I love this endgame, I even could solve it without watching the video
    the way how the queens spin around the king.. beatifull

  16. In this puzzle, the best move for white is Nh5……

  17. We start with Qh7+, …Nxh7

  18. queen g6 to queen f7 making it a check mate because of the bishop

  19. the puzzle at the end is Qh7 Nxh7 Ng6 Kg8 and the final blow is Be6#

  20. Qh7 is check mate perfect ✅✅✅✅✅

  21. Qh7 it’s a check mate perfect ✅✅

  22. Move the d queen to a8 boom king trapped checkmate

  23. White: Black:
    Qb7+ Rc6
    Qa5+ Rc5

  24. I think in this puzzle I'll first move knight to d5, black knight has to take the white knight because we are threatening to kill the queen then queen to h7 and that's a beautiful checkmate

  25. Wow I solved a puzzle on my own which had more than mate in 4 nice this was really fun and easy to solve

  26. The queen on g6 should move to f7 then the bishop will move away to e8 and then we can capture the pawn on d5 with our knight to threaten both the queen and the black knight.(Obviously he can't move to e7 or c4)
    These set of moves will be good I think🙂🙃

  27. Puzzle

    W. B
    1. Qh7 +. N×h7
    2. Ng6+ Kg8
    3. Be6#

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