Captain Blackbeard’s Chess Puzzles – Episode 19

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Puzzle 1 FEN:
k7/1N6/2P5/8/8/1p6/6K1/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle 1 Details:
Jonsson, 1964

Puzzle 2 FEN:
8/8/8/2R2p2/5P2/k4Knp/3q4/1R6 w – – 0 1

Puzzle 2 Details:
Kalandatze, 1957

Puzzle 3 FEN:
6k1/5p1p/q7/5P1P/4P1K1/4B3/8/3R4 w – – 0 1

Puzzle 3 Details:
Kalandatze, 1966

0:00 – Story
0:42 – Chess Puzzle 1
7:44 – Chess Puzzle 2
11:24 – Chess Puzzle 3

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  1. We saw a Magician in Ep14, right? I'd prefer to see the caterpillar.

  2. At 7.06 nelson says there is no follow up fork that time, despite the fact that Qf3 would give the exact same board state as going Qf3 at 6.06. The same fork must be possible.

  3. The “no you can keep the Queen” of the last puzzle is elite

  4. 6:43 it is transposition with previous on Qb3+, and Qd5 or Qf3 with wining the queen, but generally this positions are not easy at all. 1600 would never solved most of this puzzles. 2600 would have problem with some of them.

  5. Puzzle 2: What if black promotes to N (check) or R? Still looks like a draw but worth following it through.

  6. Let's have the magician win – but use some sneaky tricks to do it which Bobby has to see through.

  7. 10:47 what if black sees the stalemate trap and decides to underpromote to a rook instead? it would be an equal game, but the pawns could make a difference

  8. 7:07 both queen f3 and queen g8 are winning, it's not necessary for a puzzle to be only 1 correct move

  9. White move and win

    8/5Q2/8/6k1/6p1/5pPb/5PpP/6K1 w – – 0 1

  10. On the second puzzle if black promotes to a rook they can force a mate in 5 with: Kf3 Rg3 ; Kg2(forced) Rb3 ; Kg1 Rb2 ; Kh1(forced) Kf2 ; Kh2(forced) Rb1 ; Kh3(forced) Rh1# (the files don't seem to matter)

  11. Lol On chesscape i already watched the first puzzle 😂😂😅

  12. I see the checkmate if the white queen go to d8 is checkmate

  13. 4:38 If Black tries to go back and stay in the corner, there's a move here for White, a knight fork…
    Er, no, White plays Qd8 ++.

  14. Puzzle 1 what if king a6 if takes queen stalemate?

  15. What's next? Gojo or goku or muzan Jackson?

  16. Oh my god! You're dragging this competiton as far as you possibly could! Help, i can't wait for the finals match!

  17. The Captain was a worthy opponent, that was some mind-blowing puzzles.

  18. Underpromotion in the second puzzle doesn’t work bc if you make a rook, you just lose your pawn and then you’re simply 0 for 1 in pawns, and if you go for a knight and get check, that doesn’t really accomplish anything bc Kh2 or Kf3, Nf2 and then Rxf5 and you have the same problem, but with a knight instead of a rook, and even if white loses both the rook and the pawn to the knight somehow (like a crazy fork maneuver for the rook and then bringing the king in or something), it’s still a guaranteed draw, same for underpromotion to a bishop

    Also, I thought my idea for Puzzle 1 of Qd8+ protecting the knight on a5 was pretty slick, but whatever 😔

    In all seriousness tho, I do have a question about Puzzle 1, which is that when you play the Qb3+ line, why doesn’t it just transpose to the same Qf3+ line? The only reason I can think of is that going to Qg8+ results in a faster checkmate, which is a good enough reason on its own, but Nelson said you don’t have the queen fork in the Qf3+ line, which I’m not getting

  19. This story goes for so long that i forgot how they got on this island in the first palce

  20. 7:06 "IST not Queen F3 this time"?? What am I missing Qf3+ Kb8 2Qf8+ Kc73 Nb5+

  21. Wait wait i think that move Qb8 is forced mate because queen f3 works still

  22. 7:05 Qf3 works as well to the same idea leading to the knight fork.

  23. 3:16 .. Ka6 and now i Qxa1 we have a stalemate.
    Qa7 (check) Kb5 (forced)
    Qb7 check and now there is no stalemate trap

  24. les go kurohige[blackbeard]
    one piece fans like

  25. 3:16 – stop, but if king goes to a6 its will be stalimate.

    Edit: i ran this postion in engine and its finds a way to win.

  26. like this story very much .if possible,post it every day.Thanks

  27. In the second puzzle, Black could have underpromoted to a rook.

  28. At 3.14 after 5.Nc6+ Kb6 6.Qb8+ Ka6 capturing the queen would be stalemate, but 7.Qa7+ Kb5 8.Qb7+ wins.

  29. is that a reference to one piece? 🙂 love ur vids

  30. Bobby is just having fun at a competition while the others are in jail

  31. In puzzle 2, instead of Kxg3, wouldn't Ra5 be better? If black goes for a queen, Ra1 is checkmate, so they're instead forced to play Ke1 as Kg1 also just blunders checkmate, white plays Ra1 forcing black to do Kd2, and then you capture the knight with the king as black has basically just lost. If Black promotes the pawn, you just capture them and now you're up a Rook, if black moves the king they can't take your rook so you can either capture the pawn with your king or play Rh1 either way you prevent black from promoting and are effectively just up a rook. A neat stalemate, but it looks like white can still win the game.

  32. I hope you soon complete 1 Million Subscribers

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