Can YOU Solve this Tricky ‘MATE IN ONE’ Puzzle? #Shorts

This Tricky Chess Puzzle is believed to be one of the Hardest & the most difficult Mate in 1 Puzzles. Can YOU Find the Checkmate for White in ONE Move?
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  1. We can also take the his queen with the side one rook

  2. I can give check mate with top right corner white knight above black castle…. 😆

  3. sorry to say but its wrong u must move another queen not the queen u moved black can stop it by the pawn

  4. There is another way we can use 🐴 at the conner of the board 🙂

  5. Knight G6 is another move to checkmate with single move.

  6. Does Qg5+ not solve the purpose as well? @ChessTalk

  7. Got it,the knight at the right top corner

  8. We can place the horse on the right side of king then also it will be aa check mate in one shot I guess🙄

  9. How does it have so much queen and Bishop

  10. can be done simply by moving knight from the corner to G6

  11. Well i think e5 can also be a check mate as queen to e5 the bishop block then queen takes bishop checkmate but it will take 2 moves so this is better 💙

  12. I solved this in one instance

  13. Queen a3 is not the check met
    B2 can eat queen…so it’s wrong…
    @chess talk

  14. The real puzzle is how he got 2 queens

  15. We can also do a checkmate by moving the knight to g6

  16. Damn, This is one messed up position… Seems like white have something very personal against black…ending him with 2 queens…. Good puzzle though

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