Can YOU Solve this Tricky ‘MATE IN ONE’ Puzzle? #Shorts

This Tricky Chess Puzzle is believed to be one of the Hardest & the most difficult Mate in 1 Puzzles. Can YOU Find the Checkmate for White in ONE Move?
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  1. If we place White's rook in place of Black's queen then also we will win

  2. No body Noticed….
    Dimaag ki batti jagao.. Mentos Khao..
    Both Bishops of Black are on White Line Angle…. Blunder

  3. What about knight to g6? That looks like it would also be checkmate.

  4. But we can take the queen with the Black's pawn

  5. I solved it by pausing the video in 2 minutes

  6. No this is not a checkmate because van kill queen

  7. I did solve it right away as I saw a different video with the same puzzle lol

  8. You just need to move the pawn to block the check

  9. Take the 5e Queen with the Queen of ours which is on 3e

  10. Your ans is wrong , the pawn can take the queen at a3

  11. Another move is to take the 2nd queen at d-6 and look its checkamte in one move !!

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