Can you solve this STALEMATE chess puzzle? #chess

this is a video on chess or something and this is a position from hikaru nakamura against magnus carlsen. In this position, gothamchess suggested we sacrifice (sac) the ROOK in order to solve this IMPOSSIBLE and DIFFICULT puzzle which is EASY and for BEGINNERS INTERMEDIATE and EXPERIENCED PLAYERS 100 elo+ 2000 elo+ 4500 elo+ puzzle. Paul morphy and bobby fischer watched this game and they appreciated the ROOK sacrifice and something like that. This position is very similar to a gothamchess funny moments because we disrepect the opponent. This game started out from an italian opening and hikarus kings indian defence. This puzzle was solved by STOCKFISH in 1605. This is a mate in 2 but we made it into a mate in 4 and a mate in 3 and a mate in 1 and a mate in 5 or a mate in 6. This was played on and not on or because fabiano caruana doesnt like those other sites as well as anish giri.


  1. According to the official FIDE Handbook, en passant is a forced move, meaning that whenever an opportunity presents itself, a player MUST capture en passant. "i searched it on google"

  2. No. It's not a forced move. If your pawn is in the right position when your opponent makes a 2 square advance with a pawn, you have the option of making the en passant capture, but only on your next move.

  3. Incorrect. Even if en passant was forced this would still be winning as instead of Ng5 opponent could have played Qe7

  4. I like how he made the en passand look like a force move ๐Ÿ’€

  5. No bro, En passant is not a forced move and queen to h7 was mate

  6. Um, Acutally, en passant isnt forced and queen to h7 is checkmate I can't believe youre so dumb and have so many subscribers ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“

  7. He could have moved the queen down for checkmate

  8. Ahhhm, instead of en passant you can play either Qh7# or Qf8#, both checkmates. Are you even a chess player?

  9. Bruh white can just oush a Queen and then do another Queen

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