Can You Solve This Chess Puzzle In 10 Seconds?

This beautiful puzzle was composed by Henri Weenink!

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  1. Pawn c7
    If Black Play Kb7
    Then Pawn Take Night=Queen
    If Black Play Night C6
    Or B7
    That Pawn Prompted Into Queen

  2. Ok so I should not like the video if I did not manage to solve it.🤔

  3. One of the best puzzles I ever seen in chess.

  4. Or just hunt down the knight with your king until you can promote and win easily without having to think?

  5. Actually after pawn c7 the black king can move to b7 and it ends in a winning position for black

  6. Just step the white pawn forward and queen is unstoppable lmfao

  7. And if Ka3 to allow the promotion to queen?

  8. Promote to a rook…you can checkmate with a single rook.

  9. What if after he moves the knight you move your king and then after another knight move you get a queen

  10. Rook and Queen can move the same 🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. The uses for advancing to a knight or a queen are clear but I never thought advancing to rook could be more useful. Very cool

  12. How can rook be better than the Queen? If queen can move just like a rook

  13. Bro you premote then pawn moves and you take the pawn

  14. People who say Nyke are weird and shouldn’t be allowed outside of the prison island

  15. Queen can do the same right? Why do we have to choose castle specifically?

  16. I don't get it. How is promoting to a Rook more useful than a Queen???🤨

  17. Can someone pls explain to me y the black king cant go to b7 to chase the pawn?

  18. Black would still take a5 pawn drawing the game but nice try with the switch of a move to try to further your channel

  19. Why nor a waiting Move like kb4 doesnt that also work

  20. I always asked myself why you could promote to Bishop and rook when there's queen. Now I know.

  21. whats the difference betwwen a queen and a rook

  22. Knight can still take the pawn right?

  23. Good puzzle I wish I could figure this out t in a real gamer

  24. Please go check out the channel Pep and Dew it would really help

  25. Can you suggest me a good book for knight maneuver and double knight attack

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