Can You Solve This 3400 Elo Puzzle❓ | Chess Puzzle #4


  1. Knight e3. White queen takes in e3. Black queen to g2 checkmate

  2. My dumb brain explanation, moves queen to threaten checkmate and the knight, forcing the opponent to defend.

  3. knight to f3 attacks the bisschop but if hé moves its mate by the queen

  4. Im 400 elo and i found it even before 10 seconds lol

  5. I think the biggest thing with this is you go from being down a knight to having a queen and rook on both sides.

  6. Isn't Night f3 so much better? It's threting checktemate auf atacing the bishop at the same time so you winn the bishop.

  7. You could have just took the Queen

  8. What about knight to e3 then queen to g2 for checkmate?

  9. Why not move knight to e6 . Then you have better chance to win piece or checkmate?

  10. wouldn't it be simpler to just take the queen instead of the bishop?

  11. My best guess on what I'd do it move the bottom right rook one square to the left

  12. Bruh 3400 Elo and he blunders the knight on g4 because the queen was protecting it but it moved to c2

  13. What if i give knight f3?
    Threating the bishop
    And threating checkmate with Qg7?

  14. You really think that you can stop the promotion of that pawn ??

  15. Knight to E3 and if queen takes Queen to G2

  16. I now understand the first move. It's so that if the knight that just moved to that square takes your knight, it's a mate in 1. If it doesn't move you can take with either the queen to threaten to take the queen while being defended by the knight, or take with knight to give a check forcing the king to move and then you can give a check with the pawn

  17. No i tu warto zadać sobie pytanie, lepiej czy gorzej od Niemca 🤔

  18. I don't understand this. There is literally a mate in 2 or 3 on the board

  19. I got both moves to set it up; I just didn't connect them in the right order.

    I have far to go in The Force.

  20. Somehow i got it right and i don't even have 1000 elo

  21. As a 700 rated player, I solved this in a minute.

  22. why cant you move knight to e3 and when white queen takes move the black queen to g2 checkmate

  23. What about taking the Queen of f2 with your queen?

  24. Bro Knight to E3 attacks the White bishop, if he captures with Queen or moves his bishop to safety it is Mate next move with Queen to G2.

  25. Wait you could take the queen with the quen

  26. Knight h7 then knight x h7 then black plays g7 mate

  27. * "can you solve this puzzl-" *
    Hell naw I'm only 600 elo bru

  28. I got the first move only, also, why not just take the queen? Puzzle is like that I guess

  29. Am i the only one who sees checkmate in 2?

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