Can You Find This Insane 2 Moves Checkmate?!

Can You Find This Insane 2 Moves Checkmate?!


  1. These are so hard to solve I like it

  2. My chess improved bc of this. Nice work!

  3. "of course your friend will smell this trap from miles away"💀💀

  4. In the last puzzle – after attacking the queen (queen is pinned) he can give check with rook and win the game

  5. Bro The and then when pawn moves we checkmate with bishop on b4 lol

  6. These puzzles are just mind blowing. How do they even create these such fascinating puzzles?

  7. Chesscape: But wait wait Wait WAIT *WAIT*.
    That cracked me up so much XD

  8. That was the best "THE ROOOOK!!!!" that Chessscape has ever done.

  9. Great puzzles these. They certainly get my mind thinking

  10. So @Chessscape, you wanna have the White king march into check so badly, eh? 🤣🤣 (Kd5 move starting puzzle #2)

  11. In the first one we're playing as white, so why are Black's pawns moving up? they
    should be moving down!

  12. 3:14 just pawn on b3 and it's Checkmate😅, but the way you used to Checkmate is good for teaching the people how to escape from any danger or win if the game need hard way❤

  13. 1:01 says you can go to the white square forward but you cant

  14. In puzzle 2you can’t move the king forward because of queen sniper

  15. Here are all checkmates i sub to you ur tips are very helpful thank you

  16. 1st puzzle seems Bf3 also does the trick. Just capture the pawn afterwards for double check

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