Can White Win This?! ♖ Cool Chess Puzzle! ♖ Improve Your Chess ♘

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In this video, I show an amazing chess puzzle. Try your best to figure it out! Be sure to stay connected for more chess content! 🙂
Composer: Bondarenko
FEN – 8/1p6/7k/K4p1p/B4p1p/5P2/2P2P2/8 w – – 0 1

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  1. Your name's Frank? Awesome vid though!

  2. 05:13 After 4. c4? it is not Kh4 to keep drawing, as 5. Kb6 is still winning! The best move is 4…. Kf6!=, after white has to be careful to get a draw.

  3. This is incredible. My only question is at around 3 minutes why can't black push their pawn and attack the bishop if the bishop takes then they just promote

  4. You have amazing puzzles, i watch you everyday

  5. Amazing puzzle! I calculated up to the position at 5:55 and saw that it was a draw (or at the very least unconvincing). I also saw black's stalemate idea and the basic idea of Kf1 Bg2#. But I missed the nuance of Kb6.
    The point is that black CAN run to the center and defend in certain positions. For example, in the position at 5:04 if you immediately run towards f1 with the idea of Bg2#, black will not cooperate and instead play Kf6 and successfully defend in the center. Keeping the king on b6 means that any attempt to run towards the center by black is futile since you can very quickly take the b7 pawn and queen the c pawn.
    There's also one other amazing idea in the puzzle. What if in the position at 7:55 black just shuffles between g5 and h4 with the idea being that they will wait for you to take the b7 pawn before going for the stalemate attempt to ensure they have no reserve tempos? In this case the solution is to improve your position to the maximum by pushing the pawn up to c5, then play Bg2 and go for a sequence of moves similar to at 5:22 except now you are single tempo ahead (since you pushed the pawn to c5 first) and can easily win. Absolutely amazing!

  6. I still wish you would pin the FEN in the comments so we can copy and paste 😛

  7. That's an amazing puzzle! I spotted the idea of blockading on h1 with the bishop, but didn't see the final checkmating idea. Thanks for posting this one, Frank. All the best.

  8. Really cool puzzle. I had almost every move wrong😂. I really do like your endgame puzzles the most

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