Can Chess Players Solve Chess Puzzle In 10 Seconds?

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  1. they should do blind puzzles with hikaru at this point, just read the FEN to him and he sovles it

  2. At second one – it's 1.Ra3+ – bxa3 (only move) 2.b3+ – Kb4 3. Bd2#
    It's not Qf3 1st move….

  3. asking hikaru to solve a chess puzzle is like asking a lion to hunt a turtle with no shell. 🤣🤣

  4. I don't understand, are you solving the puzzle for white? But hikaru did it for black, so confusing

  5. Just getting interested in chess again. I only recognize Hikaru 😀 Please add graphics or something with the player's name in the future.

  6. I want more of the girl smiles😍😍😍

  7. asian looking girls with Western accents are so attractive

  8. Hikaru : it is just so obvious 😂😂😂😂

  9. her cloth is interesting lol
    half torso with collar, its either she want to go formal meeting or jogging..

    PS: what chess? ahh yeah right chess, interesting stalemate..

  10. 'You're nailing this one'…is that an invitation? I accept!

  11. Tô muito feliz em ver que o GM pendurou a dama!
    Não sou só eu que faço isso hahaha

  12. For the first puzzle were we playing as black? That caught me off guard

  13. Hikaru giving an alternate solution haha what a boss

  14. Wesley thought it was white to move when it was really black to move 😂

  15. I don't think I could concentrate on the puzzle with her there

  16. He is a grandmaster for a reason. At 10 secs, i will be looking for my king, another 10 secs to figure out which color moves to which direction

  17. I follow chess semi-casually so I only recognized about half of these players so I'd appreciate if they were mentioned at least in the description if not in the video.

  18. I wish I’m nailing THAT one if u know what i mean 😉

  19. Man fuck them dudes(pause), the girl is beautiful

  20. Jan solved the puzzle correctly as well, good job JKD! 🙂

  21. wow… who's the host? I thought chess was full of nerds. She's hot!

  22. If I were in their shoes that beauty wouldn't let me concentrate.

  23. Creo que el “vato” cobra con contenido que el no genera, solo se cuelga, así que paren los halagos gente

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