Can Chess Players Solve Chess Puzzle In 10 Seconds?

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  1. wow that’s tough even for GM like them! The host where is she from? I have a friend seems a doppelganger😅

  2. Stop featuring Nemo in your content — she cheats her own viewers and has undeniably boughten her WGM title.

  3. Why is there like gangster rap playing in the background? Did I miss something?

  4. Seriously just a 1 minute video amongst these players? Is there a full video somewhere else? This is just cruel.

  5. In the first white could just go with the other rook…

  6. Hikaru comment here they come to support their ranked 18 master

  7. Why does her voice sound so different in this video? Is sounds like she is going through puberty

  8. Am i the only one here because of the presenter? 😂

  9. Hikaru with the hard "obviously" lol. That man is a machine.

  10. put the most socially awkward professionals of any sport infront of a smoke show of a interviewer, what could possibly go wrong

  11. duda and the interviewer had some serious chemistry, they should film a part 2 on phub

  12. When I first got into Chess it was with Andrew Tate, this Alpha
    I watching this confused hi hi

  13. Wesley really said Bd2 when it's black to move💀💀

  14. Now all they gotta do is figure out how to get some bitches 💯

  15. Chess puzzle compositions never fail to make me laugh with their absurdity. Take 0:40 for example, white somehow managed to press the black king to a mating position despite being a full rook down, a bishop pinned, a queen attacked by literally everything, and facing a passed pawn on the 7th rank.

  16. This Hikaru guy should play some chess 😛

  17. How hikaru solves the problems. Takes , takes, takes.

  18. next to this woman i couldnt solve anything. HARRRRRR

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