Can Chess Players Solve Chess Puzzle In 10 Seconds?

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  1. To Hikaru this was like sipping coffee 😂

  2. Why is she wearing half a shirt?? Super unprofessional.

  3. btw the reason i think wesley got the first puzzle wrong was because he thought it was white to move and not black to move

  4. These chess nerds probably thinks Nemo is the most beautiful woman in the world

  5. You must be total nerds to not comment about the girl

  6. On the second puzzle, I don't understand how the queen getting captured by the rook makes a difference. It doesn't stop the white rook from checking and sacrificing itself and following a checkmate with the pawn.

  7. Unfair putting Hikaru in there. In half a second he already calculated takes, takes, takes, extra juicer, and simply mate

  8. She's fine, not gonna lie, no wonder some were making mistakes, she making them nervous.

  9. How are any of them able to focus on chess in that moment??

  10. All their blood went downstairs, chess "geniuses"

  11. i can't think wich square that is in 10 seconds

  12. I’m surprised I didn’t hear take take take take take take take and I’m just wining

  13. That Hikaru guy should start a Youtube chess channel

  14. this should be a longer vid imo, this was cool

  15. Wesley got it wrong.
    Wesley: That's the last time you see it.

  16. Agreed, this was way too short. More, it's interesting to see which they can do and which they can't. Vids like these can be 5+ mins and I'd sit through an ad at beginning and end.

  17. Why does Nemo’s voice sound so different

  18. Nemo: You’re nailing it.
    Players: I’d rather be nailing you.

  19. I am chessplayer too but even in puzzle i got mated.

  20. "Hikaru" is literally "light", and Hikaru is literally brilliant

  21. Are we not gonna talk about how they wrongfully told Wesley it was white to move? And how then they cut to Hikaru who they actually told it was actually black to move?

  22. why did he say bishup d2 when its black to move like hikaru answerd

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