Can Bots Solve Chess Puzzles ??

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Chess goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  1. Martin is secretly 10000 ELO.
    He plays bad in all of his games cuz he feels bad, because he knows he can checkmate them in 0 moves.

  2. Can you pit all GM bots head to head in a tournament? Great video though.

  3. Wanye is enemies with Martin, Martin always steals the spotlight from him

  4. chessnuke i have a question for u:how do u make 2 bots play eachother

  5. I honestly expected Martin to lose first but didnt expect you to be that good at puzzles, its like the time martin was being robbed by an old lady and GMFunker out of no where said to martin "Solve the Puzzle to escape robbery" but he didnt solve it so Martin lost his family car keys, Such a lovely moment.

  6. im suprised you solved so many puzzles meanwhile theres me already struggling at 2500 puzzles

  7. Does this prove that Wei is actually over 4000 rated?

  8. nice video also btw martin is programmed to never miss mate in 1

  9. Its gonna get “wei” harder😂😂😂

  10. only chess nuke thinks of this keep it up

  11. Ofc Martin found it, he always finds mate in 1

  12. Mittens:done in 1 sec
    Stock fish:done is .9 sec
    Martin:don’t move, resign or hang a queen when there is mate in 1
    Me:wHaT is IT?,

  13. I never thought of this it is a very good topic btw I am again late i have make a streak of 15 of getting early is your videos.

  14. Is Wei secretly Stockfish? We got some beef coming up

  15. hey, its kayo mayos brother and am jus here to inform u that my brother is dead. really sorry to announce this but yea.

  16. "The puzzles are gonna be wei harder now"

  17. I love the way you explain and try to make it understandable when you are doing the puzzles

  18. I have a idea for a vid, play chess with some of your discord members [like 3 members, depending on how long it takes] and make a vid about it.

  19. If I see one more comment about Oscars, I will inflict self harm

  20. Martin actually finds mate in 1 every single time by the way.

  21. Martin for some reason can find mates in 5 against me or maybe he accidentally finds it.

  22. Pin cause its my birthday TODAY! May 30th is my birthday

  23. I love your work and I love your show and I love your work

  24. Note that Martin will always play mate in 1 if he sees mate in 1

  25. Wei: (does it)
    Nuke: no surprise
    Nelson: (Does it)
    Nuke: ok makes sense
    Martin: (Does it)

  26. Nelson when he needs to lose his Queen: I know what I have to do but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it.

  27. I checkmate Nelson faster than Martin

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