Brilliant Puzzle From 1876 Tells If You Have Chess Talent

Brilliant Puzzle From 1876 Tells If You Have Chess Talent


  1. Does finding every move other than the 1st move count?

  2. Why you shouldnt play the Sicilian Dragon 😂

  3. Now I'm just wondering if I knew the best moves that led to this amazing checkmate, if I would have worked harder to find them

  4. I love the way how my 1600 elo brain got the solution In less than 5 minutes .. I was just not sure that white had to win or NOT LOSE

  5. Chess coaches: save your queen it is the most powerful piece on the board
    Chesscape: Sacrifice your queen

  6. for some reason i thought your voice was ai generated

  7. Wow, that's amazing! Thanks ! I watch your videos and solve puzzles on lichess, they help me understand and find good moves like in this puzzle, and now thanks to this I managed to solve this puzzle and I'm so happy about it!

  8. Amazing! Definitely one of the best chess channels on YouTube.

  9. My stockfish finds a forced mate in 15 and the best moves are completely different. I am sorry to say but this puzzle i guess is not mathematically correct but still fascinating is your method to checkmate.

  10. This puzzle was so good even Stockfish didn’t understand until the bishop sacrifice

  11. i saw 4/4 of the moves and im only 1000 rated currently is that good

  12. Imagine if 2 GMs are playing and black resigns after bg2.

  13. i can watch this man for 24 hours and not get board

  14. How about queen f1 black pawn g2 and then quen d3 checkmate

  15. I am just 500 elo, but I'm happy that I found most of the moves

  16. super nice puzzle

    i didn't find it😔

  17. I only found last 2 moves, is it good?

  18. Knight to g4 would have been checkmate after moving the bishop

  19. I found bishop c6 but not found bishop g2 sacrifice i found knight f4 check and king e1 but bishop g2 is hard to find

  20. From such examples I have learnt see the possibilities with your opponent as well solution may lie there.

  21. im about 800 elo, i didnt get the whole puzzle right but i managed to get the last 3 moves and checkmate right

  22. Seeing your chess puzzles makes me improved and motivated. Thankyou so much❤😊

  23. My solution(that I got) :

    1. Qf1+ g2(this part is with Stockfish's help, although the rest are easy to figure out)
    2. Qd3+ g3
    3. Qxf5+ Rg4
    4. Qh5+ Rhd
    5. Qxh4#

    Also, apparently Stockfish thinks that taking the Queen is a mistake, instead opting for Rb1+

  24. woa i found the puzzle by thinking about 7m really amazing puzzle (the first move is the hardest one to get to be honest)

  25. I smelled the checkmate after knowing you have to sac the queen

  26. I actually got it right im only about 1100 elo but i can see very hard sacrifices for my level but i still blunder a lot in games but im proud of this 😁

  27. Nice puzzle, and a great outcome for white. But, in reality, would this really have happened??? Plus there are other ways white could play to win!

  28. every time I watch your video I get the sudden urge to play chess

  29. This is the real Brilliance!!!😂😂🎉🎉

  30. I actually found all three moves XD
    I'm so thrilled right now

  31. Great. Everything is quality. Everything is super. Great information.

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