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  1. 1.Kf2+ 2.Kh2 3.Rh1+ 4.Kxh1 5.Qb1+ 6.Kh2 7.Qh7#
    If Qxh1 you simply take the rook and mate in 2

  2. Me doubting my 500 elo brain if I'll ever find this in a game

  3. This move is powerful even thats why this is an edit😂😂

  4. Bro u move the king to the 2nd ranks: discovered check; opponent must resolve the check and then u go on and win the queen
    This is what my 700 elo brain could find out 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. Move King to F2 Discover check King h2 (one possibile sqeare) but now you can sacrifice your rook on H1 when if black Takes rook with the king queen B1 check and checkmate on the next move (Queen H7) when if he Takes rook with the Queen you can take the rook on g8 and nobody can't stop the checkmate on the next 2 moves(sorry for this super long comment😅)

  6. My idea: Kf2+.

    1 · If he moves Rg1, then Qa8+, so i take the queen (it's not to win, but it's a good move).

    2 · If he moves Kh2, i play Kf3+.
    So if he plays Rg2, i also take the queen (Qa8+), but if he plays Kh3, i play Ra8#.

  7. i play my king to 69 l and matecheck

  8. King f2, black king forced to h1, kind f3, black king forced h2, rook h1 checkmate

  9. King f2 and black must move king h2 then h1 king has to take then queen b1 check and black again moves h2 and queen h7 mate

  10. CHECKMATE FOUND . White plays ke2 check , black moves to kh2 then white plays ke3 check then black plays kh3 then rook h1 check now black plays kg3 now white plays Qg2 check black has to go to kg4 then white plays rg1 check black has to go to kh4 or kh5 or white keep checking with rook till it goes to kh4 or kh5 FINALLY THE ENDING . QUEEN H2 CHECKMATE (sigh my hands are tired can I get a like for that)

  11. Its
    Kd2 + Kh2
    Rh1 + Kxh1
    Qb1 + Kh2
    And Qh7 mate

    If Qxh1then Qxg7 and checkmate is unstoppable

    Edit: i thought the comments was gonna solve it then i watch the full vid💀💀💀

  12. I have seen this, Kf2, Kh2 forced, rook h1 SACRIFICE, Kh1 forced, then Qb1 and premove Qh7 MATE

  13. Sacrifice… THE ROOOOOOOOOK
    1. Kf2+ Kh2 2. Rh1+!! Kxh1 3. Qb1+ Kh2 4. Qh7#
    1. Kf2+ Kh2 2. Rh1+!! Qxh1 3. Qxg8 and mate in 4

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