Bobby Fischer solves a 15 puzzle in 17 seconds | Carson Tonight Show

Original Airdate: 1/08/1972
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  1. I don’t think there are any talk shows like this anymore.
    Better times.

  2. the most personable chess player, truly one of a kind

  3. How can you not love Bobby Fischer? The guy is straight humble and so genuine.

  4. anyone wanna talk about that weird tick he had halfway through the puzzle? he looked really focused and suddenly extremely disturbed

  5. Back when talk shows were actually about talking.

  6. Fantastic interview. Fischer fascinates me endlessly.

  7. What a brilliant man! He was not treated right, it is so sad how he had to emigrate to Iceland, at the age of 60, where he passed away just 4 years later. R.I.P bro!😭😭

  8. Strange that everything he’s persecuted for saying is also said by most intellectuals. Of course I don’t mean it’s true 😉

  9. He’s gonna take a break. Any wonder why cable tv is gone?

  10. The host looks like George W. Bush and Ricky Ponting at the same time

  11. The word “swag” in the dictionary is defined as: something like Bobby Fischer.

  12. Nice interview, shame Bobby became a paranoid, antisemitic lunatic in his later years

  13. now these are the kind of people I wanna hang out with,yes he is ''arrogant'' ''cocky'' but he deserves this much,cuz he truly is all that not just talk.

  14. I wish interviews were this classy these days

  15. This is excellent. What an amazing and educated dialogue.

  16. After having watched this old interview which felt not only very dated, but also clearly hadn't aged well – I actually realized how much we should really appreciate great talk-show hosts like Fallon and the rest.

  17. His mom taught him how to defeat an opponent in chess at a very young age. Had she taught him also how to defeat the Grim Reaper, he might still be alive today at 79 years young!

  18. i didnt expect to wanna watch it all but this interviewer was Perfect

  19. I finally figured it out… Fischer and Ryan Gosling have such similar voices! Go watch a Gosling interview or film and tell me I'm wrong lol.

  20. The last of us brought me here no cap

  21. Carson is so good at making conversation. This would be a mess if Fischer was interviewed by one of our current late night hosts.

  22. I was a kid and my great-grandparents was Johnny Carson so I wasn't old enough to appreciate just chill but I miss it I appreciate it now by the way I'm 64 years old now

  23. Rest in Peace Bobby. You were the greatest.

  24. The word is carson is still solving that puzzle..

  25. And please dont foget how much america did for him in his later life.. kanye would be envious..

  26. Spassky was a great chess player but a bit lazy. He didnt want to memorize the moves he had worked with his chess partners before the famous round ( turning point) he said" i will find them in situation!" and he lost . Everybody knows devil is hinding in details

  27. If you consider that Bobby Fischer's sporting talent alone even put him at the centre of the world-spanning conflict between two political systems in 1972, I think that explains a lot of what Fischer the man was later accused of. How can you remain normal in a world that has revealed itself to be so crazy?

  28. He's so relatable for me! Y'all find him intriguing while I am like- "I KNOW RIGHT"

  29. i m impressed of his ability to hid his social anxiety

  30. I can't believe I just watched the whole thing, I was just checking what kind of a person young Fisher was but it's just so interesting that I had to watch

  31. I love how Fischer always sat with someone like he was thinking at a chess board. May you rest in peace my friend.

  32. Christopher Walken, COULD have played a decent Fischer. It would have been 2nd nature for him.

  33. Would love to see a match between Fischer and Magnus

  34. “Play the wrong move in your mind, get rid of it” is probably the greatest quote I’ve ever heard on playing chess.

  35. Johnny should have had a second one, pre-solved to swap.

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