Black Doesn’t Win This Position!

This stunning position is white to play and draw despite the fact that black is about to get a queen!

Try it out yourself:
8/2B5/2B5/8/5K2/2b5/2pk4/5b2 w – – 0 1

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  1. This is so educational! Crazy puzzle loaded with tactics to implement on the board.

  2. I wish you would have explained why be2 doesn't work after the initial move by white.

  3. Can a human really solve this puzzle without a computer ? I mean calculate everything from the beginning ?

  4. I thought 1.Bb6 also worked, with plans to play 2.Be3. But Black can play 1…Be5+, and if KxBe5 then c1=Q because Be3 KxBe3. And if 1.Bb6 Be5+, 2.Kf3, then 2…Bg2+, 3.KxBg2 and 3…Bg4 or 3…c1=Q

  5. Great, but explained way too quickly. You show sometimes 5 moves in 1 second, without allowing your audience to actually consider what is happening. Good for you, showing off how smart you are, but if you are actually genuinely trying to be a good teacher and to share information, it's worth slowing things down and explaining them instead of just jumping from one thought to another. It's clear your videos are a made for self improvement. That's great. Good for you. But as someone who is trying to learn, it would be appreciated if moves were explained in more depth, at a slower pace, and with more time to actual think in between explanations, so that the explanation is not just heard, but also understood. There is a difference there that must be recognised. Hearing and seeing the explanation is one thing. Understanding it is not inherent.

    What may be an interesting video is watching what is being explained as it is being explained to another person, who would then be voicing questions, and creating more of a dynamic that helps to create more easily assimilated understanding.

  6. 3:42 you could give me a week in classical and I’d never find bd5, pawn promote, kg2 unless someone told me something was there.

    With that potential checkmate? Chess is so crazy

  7. Absolutely amazing ! Thank you for sharing it !

  8. It’s a draw if you’re a StockFish god, I’m sure any mortal player would lose!

  9. qqqqqqqq/qqpppp2/qp6/qp1N1N1N/qpN1NKN1/qN3N2/qpNppppp/qNrbrkrb b – – 0 1

    lets say that someone just showed you this position and asked you who is winning? White or Black? What would you say? (its not as easy as you think)

  10. Whats stopping the black to play Bishop to e2 tho?

  11. Why does the opening move Bishop b6 from white threatening the pin on e3 (which cannot be denied as far as i see) not work?

  12. Hello! How do you think, is it possible make the YouTube channel of your videos translated in russian? I mean i can.

  13. I disliked this video because of Big Red Arrow in the thumbnail.

  14. If there are aliens, i hope they have chess

  15. What a great study!
    I would never find this in a million years, but I wonder, how strong would a player have to be, to actually draw this game (say, with 10 minutes on the clock)?
    Would a GM find this easily? Or would it be too hard even at this level?

  16. Sorry but that is a misleading video. The first move is white’s move yet you show the black’s move first in the thumbnail. Not subscribing because of that.

  17. I don't get why black gives up the light sq bishop.. should be moved to do and long term plan to move king to short side before promoting

  18. i laughed so hard when i saw pogo in the authors name 🙂

  19. What about 1… Be2+ 2. Kf2, Bd4+ 3. Kg3?
    Next move is …c1=Q, and that wins the game for black

  20. It's -0.07 by stockfish, black is slightly better but is it really winnable with chess engines?

  21. but why does black voluntarily trapping his king? can he not go to d3 on 3:07?

  22. As a begginer i would think like this: I would just think skewer down right? EZ so down? Ok so where the king gonna go…- oh up duh wait nvm- YAY IM RIGHT GO DOWN lol

  23. What if he promoted to a knight 🤡 (cause that would stop the checkmate, lol)

  24. Found the first move… Then was amazed by every move that followed. Brilliant puzzle

  25. King G3 was stunning move. Didn’t see that one at all. Other ideas were quite easy to spot

  26. Amazing, almost a fortress although I have trouble calling it that considering that the structure is slightly sparse

  27. In theory it is possible to have a checkmate where each player only has a king and a bishop (on opposite coloured squares). However this requires the losing player to make a very bad unforced error.

  28. bro ill just resign I don't want to think about that chaos

  29. Why white can't play B b6 to sever the king in the first move

  30. 3:55 we were able to threat checkmate i move earlier without moving the bishop to d6

  31. You didn't cover bishop b6 preparing e3 line. But great puzzles nonetheless

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