Bishop’s DECOY and King’s STOMPING In Chess Puzzle!

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  1. The was brilliant, love the content

  2. My favourite part of the chess games because it is just mental maths

  3. Ba7!! (black can not take because pawn runs, so) Ba1 Kb1 Bc3 Kc2 Ba1 and now Bd4!! BOOM If exd4 we blockade the pawn with the king and our pawn runs. If Bxd4 then Kd3, (black can not push the pawn because we take the bishop, and if black king attacks our pawn we push it to h7) so Ba1 but Ke4 blocking the pawn again and we make a queen

  4. Sure. All my friends know about grunfeld defense.

  5. After bishop to A7, how about king to H5 and chase the pawn?

  6. Nice and simple puzzle, teaches you when and to sacrifice lol

  7. What if kh3 and take the pawn I mean black wants a draw after all

  8. Black could have taken bishop using bishop.

  9. I have had a brilliant move before and I'm 860 elo my highest was 980

  10. the pawn looked like it spawned there bcuz of the like button

  11. The bisschop didnt have to move… it was protected by the pawn

  12. Wrong analysis…
    Finally a move of bishop ensure to move king

  13. It’s a draw. Bishop should be taken by bishop

  14. Lmao there's so many people who didn't watch the video saying it's a draw

  15. I’m proud of myself for instantly finding the deflection

  16. Why take it with the pawn if you can take it with the bishop 🤦🏽‍♂️

  17. Start king g5 white pawn is forced to move then take bishop with your bishop, white is forced to get queen, now you need to get king and bishop together to try and take queen its not guranteed but this should have best odds of draw or win by pawn if king doesnt take

  18. Please check out the channel Pep and Dew it would really make my day thanks

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