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  1. Just made my 7th brilliant move today.. All thanks to levy! Thank you man. You really helped me get better at chess ❤Edit: I'm 12 and 700 elo 2 months of playing chess

  2. checkmate in 1🤮🤮🤮
    blunder checkmate in 1 brilliant!!🤩

  3. "worst move" puzzles are pretty interesting i think

  4. I was doing my daily free puzzle rotine yesterday (I'm 2300 at puzzle) and got a puzzle that I got checked and had literally only one legal move… And that was it. End of puzzle. At a 2300 puzzle rating.

  5. And what about the pawn that has to queen to so he in checkmate

  6. I genuinely overestimate the puzzle A.I and get some of them wrong for that reason. Like mate in 3 NOPE mate in 5. Even though all the moves are forced smh🤦‍♂️

  7. Chess be saying: Great! You only have one worst move in the board and you found it! You have a future in 10 elo.

  8. I used to think "helpmate" puzzles were a waste of time. It turns out they are prophetic!

  9. I hate the puzzles like this; where the other side blundered a totally winning position. I see puzzles like this quite often actually. Well maybe not this obviously bad. What was the idea of playing H2? It doesn’t protect or attack anything and the move also pins the king. That’s terrible from winning in one move to losing in one move.

  10. godgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgodgod

  11. Why do I feel like I’ve done exactly that before

  12. This is how I feel about a lot of puzzles… they always make the least realistic blunders

  13. That bishop is Littlefinger scheming to assassinate his own king.

  14. I think whoever came up with this puzzle is special 😭

  15. Well he did do mate in one,

    For the opponent

  16. Probably 300 rated puzzle, classical back rank mate 🙂

  17. White saw gothams new short and tried to play helpmate

  18. A puzzle I got was worse, the sequence that was the solution required the opponent to make 1 blunder and 2 mistakes

  19. He’ll have so much fun reviewing my games 🤣

  20. I literally got so annoyed when white moved the bishop

  21. I dont think that's mate in one because if you checked, blacks King the Rook would take the bishop

  22. on Lichess we at least see who played the game in the puzzle and their rating

  23. New puzzle where you have to get checkmated in one move

  24. White wanted to check mate his king for loosing his queen🙂

  25. This is ststistically the worst move of all time. Not only did he miss mate in one, he also removes the bishop that was preventing the rook from checking his king, and uses it to corner his king to allow backrank mate in 1. It would only be worse if somehow black had forced mate in 1

  26. White had #Rh1 mate but mated himself by going bh2 next move is mate #Rd1 mate black wins 💀

  27. POV: two 200 elos playing against each other

  28. Tbh there’s a couple of puzzles like this.

  29. That move is harder to find than mate in 1😂

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