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  1. Took h7 is worse since it blunders the room and inhibits mate in one

  2. "Find the worst move and get mated in 1" 💀

  3. The puzzle is about you adapting to and taking advantage of an unexpected and rapidly changing situation.

  4. Bro is made 2 blunder in 1 move what a talent😅😅

  5. Atleast the guy didint block the bishop with his rook and blunder his rook

  6. I swear that every puzzle I see is a back rank checkmate that shouldn’t have happened

  7. Someone said reverse puzzle : finding the worst move mate in one

  8. There were several times I saw the same issue on lichess puzzle. I could've mate I 1 or 2 steps but it instructs me to do otherwise… 🙄

  9. 🙈🙈🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣👎👎👎 simbolo reina ajedrez justo 2 no🚫❌

  10. puzzles are generally like ohh! my quenn is under attack! time to move my king into mate

  11. People don't know the trick. This guy must have thought that the K is gonna take the R after the check. 😂

  12. So like is no one gonna talk about that astronomical, flabbergasting, absolutely insane, cleaner than my search history, smoother than my brain, loop?

  13. Uni reverse card+never let them now your next move+he knows something we don't +reverse psychology+confuse the enemy. Bro won

  14. He still played m1 but for his opponent 💀💀💀

  15. Probly fighting the love of his life, let him cook bruuh

  16. The Puzzle was there to practice mating yourself.

  17. Instead of playing mate in 1, he played mate in 1

  18. Dont puzzles frequently start with a blunder from the opponent?

  19. I hate puzzles like these that rely on the opponents blunders

  20. “When you have mate in one, look for better”

  21. imagine the win probability meter shifted

  22. It's a submissive gambit

    Instead of mating your opponent.. You insist on letting your opponent mate you 😳

  23. Yes it's a real game it's me vs my brother I'm the black one

  24. I hate when they have puzzles where the opponents move makes 0 sense.

  25. When you miss mate in one and get mated in one 💀

  26. This man gets better and has become the andrew Tate of chess. I’m here for it.

  27. Look at that eval bar change from White M1 to Black M1.

    He sacrifices…the gaaammeee!

  28. I swear puzzles be wild the higher you get. I'm close to 2000 and one will be "find this very specific 10 move sequence of forced trades that leads to you winning a knight" and the very next one is "fINd mAtE iN 1"

  29. This is why I don't play longer puzzles. I would be like "Why would you even move your piece like that"

  30. I've been having this exact same problem with the daily puzzles

  31. From M1 white to M1 black, literally the biggest evaluation swing possible. It's actually one of the worst moves possible in chess.

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