Best Chess Puzzle Ever? | Solve This If YOU Can!

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It’s White’s turn and he is one step away from promoting his pawn to a queen. But, his own rook is on that square, and it won’t be too long for Black to capture White’s rook by giving a couple of checks with his queen. Can you find the winning continuation?

After calculating all possible variations, you can watch the video below and check for the solution.

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  1. Βαγγελης Δεληπετρος says:

    I found it in 30sec. Nice puzzle. Not very difficult.

  2. The great igor smirnov, u re a blessing to my chess, I hope u will be my personal coach someday

  3. okay found it, took me about a min maybe less to see the key move. A bit longer to calculate out all the variations and find blacks best defense. I calculated, Qf1+ for black looks like best try, Kg3+, Kg1, Qa7+ and mate is coming.

  4. I am an intermediate level but i solved this in under a minute 😀👍

  5. Hi master smirnov are you manuchess in chess puzzle blitz app?

  6. I'm 750 elo but this is rather easy.

    You can't move the pawn. You could move the king but then you're getting checks. If you move the rook you're getting checks unless you check. Thus you go for the check. Then you need to figure out how to avoid checks and the only way to do this is to throw checks yourself. This means you need to gain a move and you can only do this with a discovered check. You can get a discovered check if you had your king blocking either your rook or your potential queen. For that you need to align the enemy king which you can do by saccing the rook. Then black can neither check without a counter check or losing the queen nor attack your queen.

  7. Thanks presenter for giving us such quality contents. Long live sir.

  8. Actually you have to also see the line after Rh8+ Kg1 Rh1+ K:h1 a8=Q Qf1+!? Kg3+ Kg1 Qa7+ Kh1 Qh7+ Kg1 Qh2 mate… it’s important

  9. Put black queen in F square and give check to white.chess draw

  10. If you Like solving chess puzzles, I hope you would love #guptachess15 Visit to find awesome collection of chess puzzles

  11. I saw this immediatly without thinking. beside I saw also that 5.Qh8 + will win because after Qh3 a pretty checkmate on g1 with block is possible

  12. I mean why not king f2 castle to h8 and than he is forced to counter attack castle before we make the h8 move so you just push to get queen and boom move castle queen takes you take

  13. Sulejman Ahmad | سليمان احمد says:

    I was trying to checkmate my own

  14. Very beaufiful chess puzzle Ever! Thanks.

  15. I solved it when i saw it and blinked one time

  16. Can somebody help me with this chess problem??
    Seven figures join the white queen, who waits, facing the board.
    The black queen, the black rook, and the white pawn stand on one side of the board.
    The white bishop, the white rook, and the black bishop stand opposite.
    The black rook stands to the immediate right of the white king and directly across from the white bishop.
    The white pawn stands directly across from the white rook and to the white queen's immediate left.
    The black queen, white pawn, white king, and black rook leave the board first, each one following the other..

    The answer is a 4 letter word.
    There is this drawing too with a black rectangle with the white queen been on left side of rectangle and with 3 lines across the top of rectangle. First line has letter A on top then second line has the C on top and then the third line has the E on top..
    Then, on bottom of rectangle there are another 3 lines across the bottom of rectangle. One line has letter B, second line letter D and third line letter F. and on opposite side of rectangle across from white queen is another line with letter G on it . I think I gotta use this as a clue to unscramble the 4 letter word.

    I used my chess board to tried to unscramble it by placing chess pieces just like the instructions said but iam confused about the drawing and the last part of the clues

  17. What a nice advice at the end to improve visualisation

  18. Good puzzle but best, no. Title is click bait. No puzzle that can be solved in 2 seconds is great puzzle.

  19. Black queen can give check from F1, now you cannot checkmate black

  20. ok i worked this out on my own: 1.rh8+ kg1 2.rh1+ kxh1 3.a8Q Qf1+ 4.kg3+ kg1 5. qa7+ kh1 6. qh7+! kg1 7. qh2#

  21. hnde pa mamate kung ang king ng itim linagay nya sa baba ng quen na puti

  22. hnde pa mamate yong itim kung ng chek sya sa.baba ng quen na.puti baka pa nga panalo or tabla ang laro

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