Best Chess Puzzle Ever? | Solve This If YOU Can!

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It’s White’s turn and he is one step away from promoting his pawn to a queen. But, his own rook is on that square, and it won’t be too long for Black to capture White’s rook by giving a couple of checks with his queen. Can you find the winning continuation?

After calculating all possible variations, you can watch the video below and check for the solution.

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  1. Sir you said winning shot i saw rook sacrifice but then what if Qa4 maunr ke2 and game continues and ends in draw so it is not winning unless black doesn mistake of giving check to white after took sacrifice.

  2. I got this puzzle when you showed it it too like 15 secends to solve the puzzle

  3. Nice problem. Black can hold out a little longer if they are not tempted to start checking, but instead play 3 … Kg1 (breaking White's Q-K battery). Then 4 Qa7+! Kh1 5 Qh7+ Kg1 6 Qg7+ (Qg6+) Qg4+ 7 Qxg4+ and mate 2 moves later.

  4. mate inn 9 found inn 1 sec by millenium king performance chess computer

  5. White king move to F2 and then rook move to H8 checkmate for black

  6. It's a draw. Black can simply keep his queen at c2 . No way white wins

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  8. “The solution isn’t obvious. The firs move is quite obvious”

  9. I solved it within 30 seconds
    I am 1679 rated player
    So it was easy for me

  10. I think the ans is Rh8+. I told this before watching the video, so pls dont mind if its wrong 😀 🙂

  11. 1. Rh8+ Kg1 2. Rh1+ Kxh1 3. a8=Q Kg1 4. Qa7+ Kh1 5. Qh7+ Kg1 6. Qg6+ Qg4+ 7. Qxg4+ Kf1 8. Qg2+ Ke1 9. Qe2#

  12. I'm such a crappy chess player that I'm ashamed to say what my rating is and I found the right answer literally in about ten seconds. Not bragging, just saying this puzzle isn't anywhere near as difficult as the video makes it sound.

  13. I think I saw nihal solved this puzzle blindfold

  14. i dont want higher rating. i just want great knowledge. Im stuck in the 300 rating but i now have a mind of a 1600

  15. I solved the puzzle in 5 sec

    Im 2700 in puzzle so… This is easy btw

  16. Yeah.. I wanna know what happens after Rh8 Kg1 Rh1 Kxh1 A8=Q then what happens if they play Qf1+ ?

  17. 3:26 if black goes f1 with queen in that situation it’s a draw anyway.

  18. I found the answer easily because you said it was hard. This was my signal to consider something insane like sacrificing the rook.

  19. I did rook g8 which traps the king the queen would c8 to block in turn sacraficing my rook pointlessly I tried to solve this but I could not brilliant puzzle

  20. I found solution im like 15 seconds and i dont play chess.

  21. Well don’t know how hard is it but I solved it in 20 sec. Pretty sure it’s just not hard at all

  22. Rook to h8 check King to b1 then Rook to h1 check King takes h1 h8 Queen.

  23. I thought about that variation, but didn't calculate that the queen would be able to force mate.

  24. Over the board, I would never get something like this; but knowing that it was a puzzle, I pretty quickly thought of sacrificing the rook.

  25. Wgats thw difference between the queen taking your rook and the king taking your rook…

  26. What about 3… Qf1+ by Black after the Pawn promotion by White? It appears there is no way for White to progress. 4. Kg3+ Kg1, then what?

  27. I solved the basic problem quickly — but due to my end game ineptitude it took 20+ moves to mate. More of these please!

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