An Unbelievable Chess Problem 😮

The puzzle FEN:
k7/1pK5/8/3N2P1/8/p2p3n/8/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
C. Costantini
2 Comm., L’Italia Scacchistica, 1978

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  1. Dont use these bad analogies.
    They are used by apologetics and it is really irritating, because it has a REALLY simplistic point with no real reason as to why this story was made up.

    Just give us the reasons as to why certain ideas dont work, and we will be happy.

  2. It is funny being right for the wrong reason… Used to happen a lot in school and is used to be more awkward than just being completely wrong

  3. Have u started doing any of the puzzles from when u looked at stokfish's code yet? Imo u should do a video on some of those because the puzzles stokfish has are crazy.

  4. Okay what if black is tricky and under promotes to a knight?

  5. 1:36 Why after NG5 can't you counter with NF4, controlling E6 and preventing black's knight from interrupting your pawn-promotion-with-check plan?

  6. amazing how in all of these puzzles, black never wins

  7. Easy. It's a win for white cause the puzzle is white to move.

  8. what is the point of even asking who wins when about 90% of the time its White wins with the few times being a draw? it would be more interesting if there was more puzzles that resulted in black winning instead of the obvious white wins.

  9. Is there a difference if we play Qc5 instead of Qc3?

  10. Could you not play Nf4 instead of Kb6? Would stop black from being able to play Ne6.

  11. huh? Why can't black queen move to e1 or e2 to block the checkmate in 9:20?

  12. I've noticed that for a lot of puzzles, using the opponent's pieces to blockade the attacks of their long ranged pieces and/or blocking their king from escaping are very important, and sometime more important than having more pieces

  13. 2 extra pawns can't help black win is super fascinated! It proves that tempo is important than material!

  14. Quite thorough analysis of a cute little study, thanks!

  15. at 9:27, can black just move their queen to g1, if white queen checks just go to a7 and block the check

  16. What if knight f4 after blacks knight b5

  17. 9:47 – not Q to f3? isnt that .. checkmate in 2 or something? idk.

  18. after qc3 what about qe2 or qf1 blocking on a6

  19. At 1:46 why is Nf4 not going to work it prevent the black night to go to e6 and then we can push.

  20. 9:12 antoher variation.
    Qf5, stop stop mate threat in a file. Then Qxa3 Qa6 blocking check Qf8 check. Ka7 Qb8#

  21. Chess Vibes

    Love your video, feel as through you missed something. At 4:03 it’s black turn.

    Why not move the King, (instead of a pawn) moving King to A7 (from) A8, nothing is blocking the king from doing that. Nothing at 4:03.

    Stopping the check when white gets a Queen from the pawn. What happens then, thank you

  22. I’m surprised that nobody nobody else has noticed this. At 4:03, black turn.

    King to A7 (from A8) white king isn’t blocking that move after taking the knight.

  23. Surely

    Stockfish would be saying to move black king from A8 to A7, (at 4:03)

  24. 09:13 There's also Black's resource …Qf1, aiming to block the check with …Qa6, but of course White just goes Qxa3+ and Qf8+ etc. anyway (sorry if this is obvious). Black's other try, …Qg1, is similar.

  25. Me: trying a way to sac the queen, me 3 seconsüds later: its my only piece

  26. knnbbbnn/nnnbbnnn/nnnb4/nnn5/8/QQQQQQQQ/QQQQQQQQ/QQKQQQQQ w – – 0 1
    This is one of the hardest puzzles I made. Who wins

  27. I always love the puzzles that you show us. I almost solved this one all by myself, even though I'm new to chess.

  28. OH THIS IS ACTUAL POKÉMON?!?! I thought it was fan made until I looked at the channel. Super cool, was kinda creepy.

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