An Incredible Chess Problem 😮

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Puzzle FEN:
8/5R2/1r6/8/3R4/q5kp/7p/7K w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Y. Hoch, 1980
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  1. Oh yeah a great puzzle from Chess Vibes 👍

  2. 0:21 F3 isn't actually a threat, since white can take back with the rook and check, buying white some time.

  3. If Rook on f7 was on e7 its too easy but this tricked me .
    Like always stay sharp, teach smart and take care !!

  4. On the queen skewer, cant you just sack the queen and checkmate with the rook if they take it?

  5. At what level can players calculate all this in their mind before making the first move shown here?

  6. I thought you would address the case when you fork the queen and king with the white rook, but instead of taking the rook, black lets you take the queen. They still have another rook and the white king is trapped. Perhaps it's trivial but I think we have homework.

  7. I looked at the thumbnail for 5 minutes. Just find a way to sac the rooks. Rf3 obviously because black is forced to take that, but idk how to sac the other one before checkmate.

  8. Don't you love it when there's a crucial h2 pawn from your enemy that you want DEFENDED and every move you keep sacrificing your ROOOOOOOOK just to keep yourself (as the king) trapped?

  9. although its pretty hard to do so in a game this is a good example as to why doubling up pawns is bad (especially at the edge of the board)

  10. i paused at 0:09 and i think you give up the rooks so you can draw.

  11. Even though I am a 1400 player but I still manages to do all of it right! IT'S NOT LUCK!! It's about deep calculating that I made.

  12. 1:34 you dont take right cus of the rook checkmate threat you cant take the queen?

  13. Could you still get a draw after check on E2 by taking the pawn with the rook and queen can’t take bcuz she and the last pawn would be captured

  14. Bro if black king steps out of the way and white rook takes the queen there is rook b1 and the game is simply over for white.

  15. 1:10 Couldn’t black just move the king down and sac the queen, once rook takes queen then rook b1 with rook is mate for black no?

  16. How on earth did a position like this come to be 😂😂🤣
    And if you had the chance to look at that 😂

  17. All these stalemate shenanigans are soo boring! I really wish chess had the same "skip" rule as Go, so that any player can skip turns, and if both players skip, well, in chess that would be a draw and in go it's the end and start of points counting.

  18. anyone notice the exact same position is on the board in the background?

  19. alternate title: how can white farm brilliant moves?

  20. Rook to c2 I see but I thought rook Can work straight but when I saw rook to d2 I shocked and now I know chess is ultimate game many things matter 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  21. this puzzle was actually very easy compared to the other puzzles you have made. (600 elo)

  22. When are you gonna do a puzzle where black is winning. Every one of these was white winning. I wanna see the black pieces get some love. 😊

  23. You never showed why the Queen pinned due to the king while on row 2 also leads to a draw. Say the king moves. Rook takes queen, king takes rook, king takes pawn, king moves, king takes other pawn .. two kings only stalemate.

  24. Rg7, Kf3, Rd3, Qxd3, Rg3
    But I'm not sure about Kf2

  25. In 2:52 why can’t we just skewer the back king and take the queen?

  26. It's not the only way to draw cuz u can also do this backwards with rd3 forking queen and king forcing capture then after qxd3 another forced move with rf3 and then takes with king to f3 and making it stalemate

  27. The funny thing I got the first couple moves right despite only being a lowly 2000 player (and waaaay lousier at fast time controls).

  28. Kf3 line, if black leaves the queen hanging for the second rook attack (fork): that option was not explored. Stockfish is disappointed. It has many potential if you are not thinking as a human.

  29. I was thinking e1c1 c2c1 stalemate, but black can run.

  30. Black can't checkmate in Qf3, because the rook captured the Queen. 0:18

  31. Actually if it was black’s turn at the start of the puzzle black could win

  32. At 3:03 when you illustrate e3 you can come down and check with g3 and once the kings moves out of the way the queen falls.

  33. Couple of questions:
    1. In an actual game, how do I realise that I need to seek a draw instead of trying to win?
    2. How do I see the difference between RC1 and RE2? Does that come with practice?

  34. 5:59 but nelson you can go on c file for couple of moves and keep checking with your rook and keep sacing it so it cant go under the queen

  35. 4:13 What if Black continue moving the King? Then White play Rook to e1 or Rook to e2!!!

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