An AMAZING Chess Puzzle with a forced mate in 84 moves!

After 2 days of waiting, here is the over-75-moves checkmate I have prepared. Thank you all for 14K subscribers.
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This position is one of many puzzles composed by Otto Blathy in 1890.
Let me know if you want me to go over more of these chess puzzles!
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  1. i always forget what to do in this position but now i can just look at this video 😀

  2. You should turn off the engine cause engine is stupid

  3. meanwhile, I'll have been time flagged just thinking about what to do next 40 times over before figuring out where to move my king.

  4. now the real puzzle is to figure out how Black got into this position in the first place! 😂

  5. Random Guy • No longer 727 years ago says:


  6. Honestly I barely subscribe to anyone, but you're 100% worth it.
    Really high quality content, duly deserved. Always a pleasure to watch and never tiring.

    If you could, please in some videos (when there is a critical move) let us know and inform us to pause so that we try to find it out, that would make the content even better!

    Again, congratulations for these masterpieces!

  7. I've never seen a chess puzzle with 84 moves.

  8. A back and forth game where both players had chances
    White with force mate in 84: Good joke pal

  9. How the fuck do you even calculate this mid game? This is some actusly 5Head shit

  10. I was in that exact position yesterday but somehow I missed those 84 moves. Not sure how I didn't see it

  11. Hikaru finishes this in exactly 2.7 seconds on puzzle rush

  12. if black ever played h5 earlier it wouldve been a draw…

  13. Had this position in a tournament a few weeks ago as black, but my opponent messed up 47 moves into the sequence.

  14. When your really down with material but your progress bar goes up after a brilliant move:

  15. imagine your enemy has mate in 187 but it keeps going down.

  16. how the hell both kings wandered into the opposite sites

  17. me pushes a pawn forward

    Stock fish : MATE IN 42069 MOVES

  18. me who doesnt understand: uhhhhhh… huhhhhhh…

  19. how in the actual fuckology that bishop ended up there. I hate these kind of puzzles where the game isn't even possible

  20. Black can make simply some piece sacrifices to get out

  21. Playing vs Shiro From No Game No Life be Like:

  22. I am a beginner and this convinced me to quit.

  23. I like the title, and the fact someone calculated 84 moves lol

  24. I wonder if (on an infinitely wide board) forced mates are turing complete.

  25. what's funny is that this position could actually be reached in a standard chess game

  26. It took me a solid 3 seconds to realize that the black king is where white started…..

  27. How in the flying fudge did that black rook get there

  28. The real question is how the bishop went into the corner

  29. Rule of draw when no captures made until 50 moves?

  30. Couldn’t white’s knight just checkmate by going f2?

  31. So what would have happened if black had given up his rook?

  32. why cant black just take the draw via the 50 move rule lol?

  33. I had this in a blitz game but lost 71 moves in because I premoved the sequence down on time and my opponent snuck in knight takes when i hand my king premoved.

  34. As cool as this is, is this position even a real position players can get themselves into? or nah

  35. So this is what being inside Hikaru's head feels like

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