An AMAZING Chess Puzzle with a forced mate in 84 moves!

After 2 days of waiting, here is the over-75-moves checkmate I have prepared. Thank you all for 14K subscribers.
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This position is one of many puzzles composed by Otto Blathy in 1890.
Let me know if you want me to go over more of these chess puzzles!
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  1. So this is what being inside Hikaru's head feels like

  2. as Jan G once said: "this is way over my head Mr. Solomon!"

  3. Hold up hold up, let me get this straight. Lets see. So this puzzle has:
    A checkmate in 84 moves
    Only moves that avoid blunders
    A king moving a total of about 70 moves in a row
    A double pin (the knight and rook next to the king)
    Tripled pawns
    Smothered mate
    Pawns on the verge of promoting
    The computer didn't see the checkmate until three moves away
    And an accuracy of 99.7

  4. Sadly it does have multiple solutions (256 to be precise) as each time we can triangulate Ka7-a8-b8-a7 or Ka7-b8-a8-a7. Still a great puzzle though

  5. Carlson: looks at board for 5 seconds “you resign now*

  6. first i gotta ask how the bishop even ended up in that corner

  7. I immediately knew this was a troll when I saw the black king on h1

  8. bruh this is too complicated i would just take a draw 💀

  9. isnt it a draw whren no pieces are captured in 50 moves?

  10. does stockfish really not see it at all until white has mate in 3? ive seen stockfish say mate in 17 or more before how does it not see it at all here?

  11. Can have any longer of forced mate we want or only some value ? (mathematically)

  12. Me: "Okay, gg. (Extends out hand) Draw?".
    Stockfish: C'mon man, its clearly checkmate in 84 moves.
    Me: "I'm not as sharp as you…"
    (Angrily walks away from chessboard.)

  13. And I’m still wondering how the fuck the black bishop on a1 even got there

  14. « a back and forth game where both players had chance »

  15. Magnus: That's a big blunder it is a triple checkmate or checkmate in 5

    Cjxchess17: you forgot Magnus no matter what its mate in 84

  16. can you do bishop underpromotion into rook pawn wrong bishop draw?

  17. Computer:missed win. Me:where was the checkmate Computer: there is a mate in only 84 moves I can not believe you could not find it

  18. What computer bots see:
    A win with 60 advantage ❌
    Mate in 274 ✅

  19. Imma make captions for all long chess puzzles on this channel with captionfy, finished this video first.

  20. Make some videos in black's favour as well, why the hell you insist to play only with white?

  21. I think that my brain hurts. But, I'm not sure?

    Thank you for being there. Stay well and prosper.

  22. Some kings take a walk, this king went on a pilgrimage to Cassia's shrine.

  23. Damn I was about to say that "Why not add or put more USELESS black pawns?" so that the forced mate is longer. Then I realised and counted, Oh already 8 USELESS black pawns on the board so I cannot add any more.

  24. You should applaud yourself if you see the initial position and say to yourself, "Clearly White is winning. Black should resign."

  25. The position is illegal cause the bishop couldn’t arrive on that square

  26. with the new update this has 26 brilliant moves

  27. Do not ask
    1. women her age
    2. men his salary
    3. black king how he got to the first rank

  28. If you think of it that way, anything is a mate in X moves

  29. hello everyone , welcome back to another new video today i'll be showing you an amazing chess puzzle where white has a forced checkmate in 1956236127 moves first he will play Qxa7 (after 2000 years) and then rb8 checkmate I hope you liked my puzzle but be ready for the next one that has a forced checkmate in 999999999999999999 moves , goodbye

  30. Can someone explain to me how in the world the bishop got to the a1 square, the pawn hasn't even moved from b2, how in the world did bisphop reach a1 then?

  31. This puzzle now has 20 brilliant moves for white with the updated algorithm. Insane!

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