An Absolutely Mind-Bending Puzzle

Let’s journey through all the moves of this maze of a puzzle #chess

Music: Art of Silence – Uniq


  1. what if he queens then sacs it by going to a5 check?

  2. Very educational i found the move here

  3. What if black sacrificing queen by qa5 black can still stalemate i think

  4. OH at the end the black queen goes to a8 scarifing, forcing king to take no longer making it a check mate, but in the end white would win anyway.

  5. What if after Rf7+, Ke8, we go Bg6, threatening a discovered check if they queen?

  6. The music goes absolutely perferctly with this vedio

  7. Hey! Gauri, I would like you to make a video for this puzzle that I saw at a tournament… the pieces are at

    black king is b8
    white king is d8
    white pawn on b6
    black pawn on b7
    white queen on h8
    black queen on a1

    White to move and win

    They accepted* a draw for the game

  8. Btw, before white mates, black can play Qa5+, making it mate in 8.

  9. Thank you so much Gaurichess for putting all your effort in completing this puzzle.

  10. Stockfish casually spoiling the answer and calling you stupid for every single inaccuracy

  11. What about if the pawn promotes then queen a5 then king takes. But it’s still losing.

  12. nice, but don't get distracted while driving. we don't want to lose u

  13. Amazing puzzle, i found all of the moves

  14. Always amazing how you present the puzzle btw, i have a really intersting puzzle how can i share it to you ?

  15. black can check by sacrificing the queen yhen it would not be a checkmate stupid

  16. Bro I watch this 4 minutes straight and felt like a 30 seconds😳

  17. the answer is rook f7 then king e8 then bishop g6 then the pawn of black promotes to a queen and white plays rook f1 since the bishop is giving check on the king a discovered check then the king moves to whatever square and you take the queen with rook e1 and then nomter what black does you take the pawn on e3
    I hope this helped you solve the puzzle.
    Thanks. Gerard

  18. Didn’t think I’d see a levy stare from Gauri 😂

  19. Very very nice puzzle with calm and composed explanation

  20. Just wondering, did you steal this from chesscape? I also saw chesscape explaining this in one of his shorts.Pls respond. Tell me who is copying who, be honest pls

  21. So ofc the whole idea of the puzzle is not to let black queen and the solution is to . Very obvious . Altho I literally don't care

  22. Your explanations are the best out of all chess streamers

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