Amazing One Thousand Year Old Puzzle

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  1. "It's almost like a smothered mate, The king has no moves"
    Ah yes, back rank mate is not mate

  2. It’s arbic language 😂يب مكتوب بالعربي يعني الشطرنج اصلها عربي😂😂😂❤

  3. Me thinking to take the rook with the pawn

  4. In Germany the game of chess is actually called "Schach" which sounds exactly like the way you said Shah Matt.

    And I think its way smarter than the english translation; when you "check" someone its called Schach and when you check mate someone its Schachmatt.
    And in english the game is called "chess" for legit no reason, but when you check someone its called "check"? And what we call Dame (translates to Queen in english) is Checkers in english, but guess what, in chess you check, in a game legit called checkers you dont, who came up with this braindead crap?

    *for the ones who are too lazy too read here i put it straight:*
    Name: Schach
    Attack on the King: Schach
    Defeat of the King: Schach-Matt

    Name: Dame
    What you get when a piece reaches the end: Dame
    Do you check someone: No

    Name: Chess
    Attack on the King: Check
    Defeat of the King: Checkmate

    Name: Checkers
    What do you get when a piece reaches the end: King
    Do you check someone: Of course not

  5. ‘It’s almost like a smothered checkmate, the king has no moves.’ Isn’t that every checkmate tho? 😂

  6. YOU SACRIFICE….. THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOK (after sacking the knight)

  7. No one is from Pakistan
    So let me inform you it's "sheh maat" in Pakistan and chess called as "shatranj"…

  8. I feel so good about myself calculating this in less than a minute, shame I’m 1k elo

  9. In many languages “shah mat” means checkmate. Even the very word checkmate is derived from it. In Russian, shakhmaty actually means chess.

  10. Shah mat is how you say check mate in Russian too

  11. In Serbia we still say Shah mat (Checkmate) and for check we say Shah (you dont have to say it)

  12. i believe shah mat means King Death shah i believe originated from Persian and mat in arabic means died (past tense)

  13. By the way shah means check mat means mate so i. Some countries they call chess shahmat

  14. I'm proud of myself for having solved it before he showed the solution. Also, I made it to 2800 as a 1500 rapid chess player on!

  15. Its "Sheh aur maat" in India… The three words translate to "Check and mate"

  16. on my life I solved the puzzle in 4 minutes

  17. Im fealing powerful as I beat this as a 1050 in rapid 😂

  18. Hey Coach
    Wow! SUPER nice but who sees that advantage?!?!🤔

  19. In slovenia we alslo say šah mat and you pronunced it very well

  20. In albania chess is called Shah and we call it the same Shah Mat

  21. The way you say to sacrifice piece is more satisfying to hear than the entire checkmate thing 😅😅😅

  22. Shah mat just means the king cannot move or something like that. Thats what a checkmate is called in many other languages

  23. as an Iranian person that play chess Idk why it called Shah maat(شاه مات) maybe because of king(شاه-Shaah) block the escape rooms or because of the perfect mate (شاه in Farsi also means Perfection or best)
    in Farsi(also Persian) Check called کیش(kish) and Checkmate called کیش و مات(kish oo mat)

  24. In Russia after win we say "shah i mat" on Russia шах и мат

  25. Persians, Arabians and Indians call every checkmate 'Shah Mat'. Shah Mat means checkmate only in their respective languages

  26. Im israel we use shah mat
    Shah mean check, so you say it mean you threat the king and mat is mate

  27. I spent a good 5 mins trying to solve it before I let the video play and I actually did it! What is the rating of this puzzle?

  28. The first puzzle where I actually seen the right sacrifices and stuff

  29. In Germany we say Shah Mat, too but we write it different: Schachmatt.

  30. In Germany we also call it schach Matt. It's pronounced exactly the same

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