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In this video, I show an amazing puzzle that looks so simple, but is quite complex. Every move in this position draws EXCEPT 1. Can you find it? For more chess content, be sure to subscribe!
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FEN – 8/8/8/3K4/2B5/6p1/7k/5R2 w – – 0 1


  1. At 1:30 why cannot the rook go H2? Or similarly wait in F column for F2?

  2. Bf1 ez because of the pin and you can get behind the pawn

  3. Thats amazing! Even tho white is so powerful the SMALLEST mistake results in a draw!

  4. I did not see Rf3 from the start, but when you did it, I saw Bf1 immediately. Didn't see the knight was trapped from the start, though, thought it would be a general bishop and rook vs knight situation. Really nice puzzle

  5. I saw Bf1 when I looked at the thumbnail. I am at 2:55. The idea is that if black males a queen I will play Rh3 mate.

  6. I did it. Even though I'm bad at chess. I'm good at there finding these weird moves like Bf1

  7. I didn't see Rf1 but after you showed that it didn't take long for me to see Bf1

  8. 1. Rf3 g2 2. Bf1 gxf1=N 3. Rxf1 Kg2 4. Rf4 Kg1 5. Rf3 Kh1 6. Kd4 Kg1 7. Kd3 Kh1 8. Rf2 Kg1 9. Ke2 Kh1 10. Kf3 Kg1 11. Kg3 Kh1 12. Rf1#

  9. Nice channel. I like this kind of puzzles. Subscribed.

  10. What happens if black doesn’t push the pawn and moves the king instead?

  11. Saw the bishop move, but not the rook move.

  12. I did not see Rf3 but after you said that I immediately saw Bf1

  13. but what if you do Rd1 then Rd2 cause when they try to promote it would pin the pawn and put you in an even better position

  14. When the pawn moved down to g2, cant you just pin the pawn to the king and then try to take the pawn with anythng

  15. What about 1. B-Q3 P-N7 2. R-B2 K-N8 3. R >2nd Rank K-Moves 4. B-K4

  16. Great puzzle as always……Who is the composer buddy….

  17. I saw Rf3 with the idea of Bf1 but for whatever reason I’m blind to checkmate and so I couldn’t see that promoting was mate in 1

  18. I thought it was king e4 but when I saw the winning move I realised j was dumb

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