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8/p7/P7/8/8/4k3/4P3/4K3 w – – 0 1

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  1. But isn't black able to prevent all that by simply mirroring us?
    White plays Kf1, black responds Kf3.
    Black can't win that way but they can not lose.

  2. Yep. I set it up and won in 13 moves against the computer.

  3. why can't black king just step left and right over and over and just not step away from the white pawn in the first place and just get a draw?

  4. 1913 is not the year this chess puzzle was conceived. it's paul crum's IQ.

  5. If white moves King to D1 there is no reason for white king to sit still forever thereafter. He must move for with the pawn preventing black king's interception.

  6. Is fishermen story covered on any other channel other than chess adventutes

  7. Seems like a bad solution. If black knows how white wins, then he would play for the draw. White, k to f1, black k to f3. Mirror the white king

  8. After …Kxe6 white's next move should be Kd4 not e5. Then white can defend the pawn all the way down to 8.

  9. I love your puzzle videos!! โคโคโค

  10. Move king to d1 and continue at d diognal till promoting e2 pond. Simple end game

  11. You should have started with an explanation why the pawn doesn't simply capture the King en-passant.

  12. Seriously protect your pawn so it's a real threat.

  13. Can't black, instead of running for the other pawns, just keep the opposition on the white king and force a draw?

  14. White King can also move to f4 rather than d4 and still White can win. Likewise, White King can move to f5 rather than d5 and White can still win.

  15. Nelson you are an outstanding historian.

  16. I'm gonna be honest here, the other lines wouldn't have worked, but you played them like an absolute buffoon ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  17. What if white does go left and only loves their pawn one square instead of two?

  18. What if white king chases the black king, pins him to a corner and pushes it's pawn up.

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