A Viewer Sent Me An Insane Puzzle!

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The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. At first I thought that such a position is impossible in real chess, then I figured that the pawn of h2 could get to b7. if diagonal)

    Great video, on my channel I get only impossible positions, but also about chess, I will be glad if someone writes their assessment in the comments)

  2. So the whole point of the king's adventure was to get rid of the pawn on g3. Nice! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. e3, c3 and some kind of zigzagging??? That… Might work don't know how exactly.

    Edit: Just watched the solution:D Nice puzzle

  4. I wasn't able to solve it until you moved at 4:25, then it became clear. very clever puzzle

  5. 10 th comment
    Great fan sir
    Please heart and pin
    I really enjoy your puzzle videos.

  6. This puzzle should be called "the butterfly effect". A small wrinkle in the past makes all the difference in the future.

  7. Managed to solve it after 5 mins
    Hint: think of snakes

  8. That's one of the most inventive puzzle ive seen, insane!

  9. 7.19 what if the rook takes the white pawn

  10. Hey I have a puzzle I made myself, I don't know if it too impressive but there is only 1 solution basically. White to play and win:
    White: Pawns on: a4 b3 c2
    Knight: a1
    Rook: b2
    King: e8
    Black: Pawns on: a5 a2 b4 c3
    King: e2
    Btw if you change the rook to a Bishop there is still a fascinating drawing line.

  11. Hey Nelson, I have a chess puzzle for you.
    Knight C6
    King B3
    Bishop A1
    Pawn E7
    Pawn H5
    Rook C1

    King E8
    Queen G3

    White to play and win

    Edit: I have tested this puzzle with Stockfish, and it is indeed solvable. I just wanna see if Nelson can solve it.

  12. When black rook was on c3 black should have sacrifice his rook for the pawn on c7 it will make the game longer maybe plz explain me if i am wrong because it is possible

  13. Pawn to b3, blocking check. Why didn't any of the pawns take the rook ?

  14. The black rook could just take the white rook

  15. I think this initial position is impossible. It is only hypothetical.
    Please post how this position is reached.

  16. Ah, a clearance sacrifice. Excellent video, by the way.

  17. So proud i immediately noticed the solution once the g pawn was taken! Makes me feel good about myself, despite being a very average 1300 rated player ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. I didn't figure it out but then as soon as you opened up the rook I figured it out that you had to force him to check you on the a-file so you can take the rook.

  19. I understood the idea at 5:16 very crazy
    Thats why the random rook is there

  20. First puzzle I solved when you didn't

    (It took me 20 mins, I'm 1500 at LiChess, following you for about 6 months since the video with Michael Penn the math prof)

  21. Nelson I really aprecciate your puzzles but it's just much more interesting if you already know the solution and don't have to figure it out

  22. I rarely solve the puzzles that you do; but, this time I solved it! I thought for sure you would see it when you started weaving the king back…

  23. Found it (without stockfish), so feel good.

  24. These puzzles are so cool. But I don't like the ones in which the position is impossible. There is no way you could have double pawns on the C file.

  25. Was so nice โค๏ธโ€๐Ÿ”ฅ

  26. the rook could still force draw by taking material

  27. I had seen the idea with c3 after a few minutes, but I gave up and run the video. As soon as the move e3 was suggested I saw the idea almost instantly. Why didn't I try on my own for a little longer?

  28. Moving the king to the 8th rank will never work due to the rook checks on the 7th rank. White has to sac some pawns, then maneuver the king to a2

  29. Nice problem. Here's one if you're interested:

    White to play and win:
    Kd8, Ps on a5, b6, c6, d4, e6, g2, h3
    Black: Ka8, Bb8, Nc8, Ne8, Ps on b7, e7, d6, d5, h5, h4, g3

  30. I thought you were going to solve it once you maneuvered the pawns. I wouldn't have solved it if you hadn't mentioned the winning idea with the pawns capturing the rook so if nothing else you can take credit for steering me in the right direction. This was a fun puzzle and your channel is always full of interesting puzzles and chess content.

  31. He was on the right track, till he maneuvered his king to the 8th rank, whereas maneuvering the king to a2, and Black's stalemate trick is snuffed out.

  32. Question is, where did he get this puzzle from? One of most amazing puzzles I've ever seen. If I'm up a point with a round to go, 50/50 I take the draw, not so if I'm easily winning in the final round.

  33. Remove the G pawn so you can do Ra3 ?

  34. e3 after takes c3 then run around in a zigzag with the king untill the rook is in front of the of the king on the a file and then take with your rook and mate the position is a mate in 18 it didnt feel that hard to find i had my first plan was to get my king to g2 and after i did that on the board i realized how to win

  35. This is actually a cool study (assuming it is). When you were practicing ideas I actually saw the winning motif after Rxg3+. In these kind of huge material plus stalemate problems, a rook on h3 is never random ๐Ÿ˜

  36. why would the black rook check on A3 again if that is checkmate in one, instead of taking the pawn on C7 to maybe extend the inevitable 2 more turns. white will take back with their pawn, black can now push their pawn. and now if white queens forcing black to move his king to A7 followed by the final checkmate with the white rook as B6 is blocked by the black pawn.

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